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From their union was born Areion, a divine horse (Hansen 267). Neptune was also somewhat known for his generosity and justness however, as is evidenced by his contribution to create Urion for the farmer, in one story, and in his judgment of King Laomedon for his refusal to pay his workers, in another legend (Hansen 268).

For sure, Neptune was a very interesting character in Roman (and Greek) mythology, and indeed, if he were to live in today's culture, he would not be able to fit into any one stereotype. As a god, he would of course live in some form of mansion or castle, located somewhere very much associated with the sea and perhaps a little associated with horses, for example, Chincoteague Island, or likely somewhere even more exotic. However, it seems also as though he may need to locate himself in a more metropolitan area, surrounded by the sea, perhaps known for its fishing industry, for the reason that he would need to be situated in the best area possible for him to be able to maintain his adulterous hobbies. On an island like Chincoteague, he would not likely be able to find many subjects for his lust, unless he populated the island himself with women transformed into mares which he could pursue.

Considering Neptune would live in a metropolitan area and continue to maintain his adulterous relationships, he might fit into the category of a playboy. In this case, he would likely frequent many upscale gentleman's clubs, night clubs, and strip joints, and possibly have a little black book of women (and men) who he could call at his leisure whenever he felt lonely. It would not be surprising, either, if Neptune actually owned several of the clubs he frequented. He would probably maintain the appearance of being completely heterosexual, but hide the fact that he is quietly engaging in homosexual acts. He would likely have loud, erotic parties in his multi-million dollar home several times a week. It might not be out of the ordinary either if Neptune were to attend a showing of the play Equus, in which a young boy has sexual encounters with a horse. By virtue of the fact that Neptune was also known as dangerous, violent, and temperamental,...


And despite his propensity to cheat on his wife, he would still care for her and his children. He would be very protective of his family and lash out at anyone that threatened them or gave them a hard time. Every now and then he would hang out with his also very wealthy brothers and, like good business men, they would stop by their various establishments to ensure that things were running smoothly and that they had the right people employed in the right places.

As far as worship is concerned, Neptune in today's society would be a kind of intimidating and untouchable icon, in some ways like a mob boss. He would be worshipped by men who aspired to attain his wealth, power, and attractiveness to women, and he would be worshipped by women also, as they would be attracted to his power and wealth. His circle would probably include wanna-be drug lords, small-time drug dealers, and gold-diggers.

He would be respected, but feared, by all of society.

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