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What changes will occur will be demographic and social. These changes will influence the way in which faith is practiced, but not the faith itself. The faith remains. This can be compared with the current trend of the Global Church as well. Christians from across the world are joining this Church under the unifying umbrella of their faith. Culturally, this means the integration of a wide variety of cultures and denominations. These differences no longer cause division, since the unifying factor, faith, is stronger. Allen seems to imply the same in his work. The faith that makes the Catholic Church remains its foundation. In the Global Church, the same thing occurs on a wider scale. The Christian faith remains unchanged, although the way in which this faith is expressed and integrated undergoes some changes.

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What Lewis seems to be describing is a type of uniform Christian society, free from external influence and only informed by its own philosophies and status quo. Hence, there would be evolution, but without the benefit of true growth in response to pressure. This would lead to the relative sense of dissatisfaction that Lewis implies.

Allen's view, by contrast, is that the Church exists in a world that is constant flux in response to both religious and non-religious forces. This creates a sense of balance between the cultural and demographic differences inherent in the Christian community and the uniformity of the faith that unifies it. Lewis's Christian society would function only on the basis of its faith, disregarding culture or demographic realities as a driver for difference…

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