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Market Attractiveness:

The appeal of the Nike Free is precipitated by the growth of interest in the 'barefoot running' trend, the growing proclivity of individuals to wear sneakers for reasons of fashion, and the growing footwear market in Turkey.

Goals and Measurements:

The goal is to penetrate the Turkish market and will be measured according to the achievement of incrementally spaced sales goals. Projected sales expectations will be measured against real sales at the end of 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

Strategic Marketing Goals:

Strategic marketing goals include the targeting of young users, the establishment of an affiliation between the shoe and desirable health goals and a pairing of the shoe with an image of hip, dynamic fitness orientation.

Tactical Marketing Goals:

Tactical marketing goals will revolve on the promotion of medical evidence of the health benefits of 'barefoot running.'


With a $20 million budget, Nike Free's expenses will revolve on production, product-placement in the Turkish marketplace, advertising and promotions.


The primary target markets are fitness trendsetters and fitness fashionistas. These targets are informed by two distinct personas:

The Fitness Trendsetter persona may be male or female, will likely be already in excellent physical condition, will engage a healthy and active lifestyle and will exercise in a context that is highly visible to others. This may be a trainer, a professional athlete or just a leader at a local gym.

The fitness fashionista is likely to be a female buyer who is inclined toward fitness wear even when not exercising. This buyer will also have a health and active lifestyle but is more likely to don fitness wear in everyday settings.

Reaching Target:

Position Statement

Research tells us that there is an increasing appeal to athletic sneakers as a fashion approach. According to Adams (2012), "both designers and street-style notables are leaving their dressy footwear at home and making fashion statements with athletic shoes."

This informs the positioning of Nike Free in Turkey as a product that appeals to both those with athletic aspirations and those who appreciate that fashion appeal of the shoe line. This denotes a positioning strategy which targets young, active and socially engaged buyers, particularly those who have an interest in fitness as both a health-orientation activity and a way of pursuing recreation or social engagement.

Key Message

In light of this Position Statement, the key message that must accompany the marketing strategy will accentuate both the health and fashion dimensions of the product. According to the text by Smith (2010), running shoes are increasingly seen as critical to reducing the risk of immediate injury or chronic discomfort as a consequence of running. Accordingly, "Running sneakers cater to a wider range of foot types and are built to last longer,' says Megan Leahy, a doctor of podiatric medicine at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, in Chicago." (Smith, p. 1) The key message, then, will be to emphasize the physical and health gains likely to be made by using a shoe that is also fashion conscientious.

Media Selection

Nike Free has experienced tremendous success in other markets by advertising in sports and fitness magazines, on television and through the use of social media. These strategies should be combined with effective celebrity endorsement, an approach with which Nike has previously enjoyed great success. For instance, "Nike-sponsored marathoner Kara Goucher uses the shoe as a training tool to build the strength in her feet -- but not as a primary trainer. If you've been running in traditional shoes for a long time, a romp in the Frees will remind you that you have toes." (Murphy, p. 1) In this context, we look toward famous Turkish marathon runners such as Serap Aktas or Sultan Haydar.

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