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In what ways did the wave of the nursing shortage in the 1980's and in 2000 support or constrain theoretical thinking? Why? Are there ways to influence the cycle of shortage and theoretical thinking? Identify one nursing theorist that would support your discussion/views. Provide rationale for selection of theorist.

Nursing shortages have been a problem in this country for a long time. It has been found that because of these shortages there needed to be a better way to incorporate theoretical thinking into nursing education so that nurses are better prepared to be the best that they can be. The accomplishment of critical thinking abilities has been recognized as an essential product of undergraduate nursing teaching. It has been found that nursing scholars learn best by way of experiential education. Kolb's experiential learning theory is the basis for a practice incorporation technique intended to offer critical thinking skills in undergraduate nursing programs (Losko and O'Dell, 2010).

Kolb's learning sequence consist of four phases of ideas that confirm how knowledge is interpreted by way of reflection into notions, which are then utilized as channels for vigorous testing and the option of the latest practices. The first stage which is concrete experience (CE) occurs when the student aggressively practices an experience like a lab gathering or field effort. The second stage, which is reflective observation (RO), occurs when the student intentionally reflects on that practice. The third stage, which is abstract conceptualization (AC), occurs where the student tries to conceptualize a theory or model in regards as to what has been seen. The fourth stage, which is active experimentation...


The hypothesis recognizes and identifies key notions for the student. Kolb states that skills are obtained by way of trepidation or understanding. Trepidation is seen as contribution in the concrete experience, where understanding takes place remote from the concrete experience during abstract conceptualization. In order for education to take place, incidents must be altered. Transformation takes place by way of either addition or purpose. Addition is a process achieved by active exterior experimentation; purpose is attained through internal manifestation of the incident (Losko and O'Dell, 2010).


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