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Preventing Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is on the rise in America and across the world. Obesity presents physical, social, and emotional complications for all sufferers. However, childhood obesity is especially concerning because the chronic conditions associated with obesity such as type II diabetes and heart disease are increasingly difficult to manage over time and today's generation of obese children is more likely to become a generation of overweight adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 17% children and adolescents aged 2 -- 19 are obese ("Childhood obesity facts," 2014). Obesity in children is significantly correlated with poverty and certain specific minority statuses. "In 2011-2012, obesity prevalence was higher among Hispanics (22.4%) and non-Hispanic black youth (20.2%) than non-Hispanic white youth (14.1%). The prevalence of obesity was lower in non-Hispanic Asian youth (8.6%) than in youth who were non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black or Hispanic" obese ("Childhood obesity facts," 2014). Obesity is clearly a poverty problem as a well as an issue of personal will; culture and genetics also likely play a role.

History of the condition

Traditionally, under-nutrition amongst the poor was the primary concern of many food assistance programs, such as the U.S. school lunch program which provides subsidized and free meals to low-income students. However, the need for calorie control, particularly amongst the low-income students most reliant...


The recent changes to the school lunches mandated healthier meal options, more fruits and vegetables and lower-fat, lower-sugar options. "In addition, the changes put a cap on the number of calories in school meals: up to 650 for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, 700 for sixth through eighth graders and 850 for high schoolers" ("School lunch calorie maximums," 2014). It is no longer simply enough to provide students with food; food quality is also an issue. More calories are not necessarily better, particularly for low-income children struggling with weight issues.

The increasing prevalence of obesity amongst the poverty-stricken is not endemic only to the developed world, but also the developing world. "Of the world's 43 million overweight and obese preschoolers, 35 million live in developing countries. By 2020, if the current epidemic continues unabated, 9% of all preschoolers will be overweight or obese -- nearly 60 million children" ("Child obesity," 2014). Historically, children were the least, rather than the most affected group by obesity. While today there are technically more adults than children who are obese, "U.S., Brazil, China, and other countries have seen the problem escalate more rapidly in children than in adults" ("Child obesity 2014). Developing world nations are ill-equipped to deal with obesity, given that the focus was upon preventing famine, not dealing with the health consequences of over-nutrition.


In terms of creating policy to affect individual behaviors, there is often a tension between choice and freedom. Certain policies designed to limit obesity also limit personal choice, such as restricting the choices of subsidized school lunches or limiting the types of high-calorie, low-nutrition foods that can be bought with EBT. Attempts to limit the size of sugary sodas that could be purchased in New York City also fell flat (Entine 2012). Resistance to government intervention regarding personal choices can result in hesitation to motivate real, effectual changes.

There are also ethical questions about compelling business owners to post calorie counts…

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