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The respondents who step out to be part of the research process should be protected from any unwanted intrusion or any other form of personal or group harassment (Smith & Liehr, 2008).

It is formal to have and conduct nursing research according to the set ethical frameworks where the entire review of the proposal will be undertaken. Whether to be undertaken by the staff or students, this research should be subjected to ethical approvals, which will make sure that the research, proposal is directed at serving the nursing school dream and intentions. Using the Middle range theory, the nursing problems and challenges will be solved in various ways as follows (Smith & Liehr, 2003).

All the nursing researchers and educators, being the staff members, must have respect upon the dignity, interests, and rights of the nursing students and other staff members related and participating in practical and theoretical learning.

Any relevant legislation within the nursing school must provide guidelines on the study of the middle range theory where the research process is conducted within and outside the school.

Informed consent should rule the aspirations and intentions of the nursing research process and individuals

The students and the nursing school principal should not be coerced in their consent as they replicate on the research proposal and study

The researchers, being the staff and the school principal, have the entire consent and power to protect the research participants amidst analysis of the research proposal and its subsequent study

The confidentiality of the information granted by the proposal and research participants should protect the requests to grant anonymity to the respondents

The school ethics should be accorded the responsibility of vetting and determining the extent to which this research is to be conducted. The Middle range theory should ascertain the consequences and legalities of the entire research as spelled by the school research ethics

This piece of research involves a number of vulnerable groups among the nursing school students. With the use of the Middle range theory, equitable care should be taken as education process proceeds. Some sensitivity should be taken upon the class level of nurses who are participating in the entire process of learning while in the field of work as the proposal unfolds, it is critical to have the participant's consent and durability before implementing the entire research process.

In order to meet these issues, the nursing school should set up learning sessions in which Middle range theory issues pertaining to research and proposal exemplification are done. This is an elementary part of education since it will give the staff and student equitable skills in which they will make the theory's proposal a success. Teaching involves the transfer of reputable knowledge from the nursing teachers or research professionals, to the students/learners who are short of such knowledge. In a bid to reduce mistakes and ignorance among the nursing students and staff members, the nursing school should provide avenues in which learners and staff members within and outside the school are able to be acquainted with necessary skills and expertise on how to handle and respond to researches being conducted in and outside the school.


Middle range theory ethics in nursing-based Action Research is a wide field of study that entails myriad facets in learning. Middle range theory exemplifications are necessary in carrying out any process of research in the field of nursing. As replicated in the case under study, Middle range theory in nursing education provide a smooth pathway in which the respondents, initiators, and receptors of the research are all brought into a system. The ethical connotations will enable the nursing school to implement a research project successfully in and outside the nursing school because the details. This will take the ethical success and obedience side of the principal. Therefore, the use of the Middle range theory is lucrative to the general principles and managerial details that are found within the nursing profession (Peterson & Bredow, 2009).


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