Obesity Heart Disease Diabetes And Disaster Management Capstone Project

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Obesity and high blood pressure pose major health problems for children and adults. Turner County, GA has a growing population of children that could face increased health risks due to unhealthy lifestyles. The Johnson family has a 9 years old son named William who is and 4'10" and 150 lbs. At a BMI of 31.2 he is considered obese and requires an intervention to help him avoid obesity into adulthood. Prediabetes can happen during childhood and adolescence and may occur for William if he does not change his diet along with his family. Both of his parents, Eloise and Michael suffer from high blood pressure or otherwise known as hypertension. They must increase daily exercise and improve their diet in order to prevent heart disease and kidney problems, a symptom often associated with hypertension.


Overall the Johnson family does no exercise nor participate in outdoor activities. Their vitamin D intake is low because of limited sun exposure and lack of supplementation. Their vegetable and fruit intake are low resulting in low fiber intake. They consume high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat due to their high meat diet. They also consume cheese that is overly processed and their son William eats cookies and chips as snacks increasing his carbohydrate intake to a level that could put him at risk...


Because he plays video games as his only form of recreation, William is also depressed and experiencing bouts of social anxiety. The additional stress may elevate cortisol levels and create an internal environment for further weight gain.


Since there are town meetings in the county as well as an abundance of recreational areas and parks the Johnson family can attend town meetings to help William meet other children in the county, go to various recreational areas with his family and do some exercise together. Going outside, getting sun and interacting with the children in the county will not only give William much needed daily exercise, but will also help the Johnson family bond and attempt to reach their health goals together. People often perform better in terms of adhering to diet and exercise when they see someone else close to them doing it as well. Family togetherness also helps reduce stress and cortisol levels and improves their overall emotional health.


The Johnson family has to take it upon themselves to start eating healthy. Since Eloise is the one who prepares the meals for the family, she has to buy and prepare healthy meals taking into consideration her husband and son's tastes. By offering the same meals but with less fat and salt, she can keep her family content and healthy. Michael needs to take his family out more and take them to parks where they can ride bikes and walk together. Both parents must help William make new friends in the county through the town meetings. That way he has someone to play with and talk to, helping him with his social anxiety and giving him a chance to bond and make friends.


Tracking progress could come from weekly progress reports like weigh-ins, calorie and activity trackers. The purpose is to see and understand how much they eat, what activities they do and how much sleep they get. The tracking device called 'Fit Bit' can help them and provide information on sleeping, walking, among other things. They can set daily or even weekly goals and see how they match these goals along with any other kind of potential objectives they wish to accomplish like playing outside, hanging out at the park or…

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