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This is in a paperless format, highly efficient and engaging strategy." (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003) This is illustrating how technology is critical to reaching out to students and offering them with further explanations about what is occurring. When this happens, they will be able to more effectively relate to key ideas and have a grasp of the way they can be utilized in the future. It is this point, when everyone will have a more hands on feel for these ideas and can easily remember them. (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

Moreover, Johnson (1994) found that having individuals work with each other in small groups is more effective than requiring them to sit and listen to someone presenting the material. Evidence of this can be seen with Johnson saying, "The ability of all students to learn to work cooperatively with others is the keystone to building and maintaining stable marriages, families, careers, and friendships. Being able to perform technical skills, such as: reading, speaking, listening, writing, computing, and problem solving, are valuable but of little use if the person cannot apply those skills in cooperative interaction with other people in career, family, and community environments. The most logical way to emphasize the use of students' knowledge and skills within a cooperative framework is to spend much of the time learning those skills in cooperative relationships with each other. We need to get back to the basics, reconcile school practices with current research and encourage that a healthy portion of instruction is cooperative." (Johnson, 1994) (Ivers, 2003)

These insights are showing how group activities are essential for improving everyone's comprehension of key concepts. When this happens, they will have the ability to make adjustments quickly and evolve with the different challenges they are facing. At the same time, this teaches the skills necessary to be more successful throughout the course of their lives by learning to work with different people. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

In Social Studies, these ideas are crucial as many of the concepts are based upon having some type of discussion about key ideas. The way people are able to learn, is to use them to improve how they can be applied in the future. This is when there will be more discussions and they can gain a greater understanding of their importance. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

Experiences inside the Classroom

The experiences inside the classroom are showing that a larger demographic of students are from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. This is significant; in understanding that other techniques must be utilized to more effectively reach out to them. During our classroom observations, there were a variety of segments which were the most dominant. The below table is illustrating their backgrounds.

The Various Demographics of Students inside Our Classroom

Ethic Group / Nationality










Foreign Born


Born inside the U.S.


Total Number of Students


These statistics are showing how the majority of students are from some kind of ethnic origin other than Caucasian. At the same time, nearly half the class was not born inside the U.S. These variables mean that different strategies must be utilized to more effectively reach out to students from different backgrounds and demographics. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

During the Social Studies class that was observed, the teacher had experience in working with students from different segments. The way they were able to reach out to them, was to utilize those tactics that took into account different cultural variables and explain how key concepts were important to them. It is at this point, when they were able to offer further explanations about what was happening and the lasting impact on different groups. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

For example, during the lecture, the educator utilized various tools which helped to enhance everyone's understandings of key ideas related to China. This was accomplished by showing how it is important to Asians through demonstrating the way they have common cultural characteristics with many nations. At the same time, it was demonstrating that the products everyone purchases everyday are manufactured inside different regions. In some cases, this was accomplished through illustrating how they are creating merchandise. That is important to the...


(Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)
While at other times, this showed how it is important to African-Americans by demonstrating the relationship China has with Africa and why it matters. While traditional Caucasian students, were able to see the role that it is playing in world affairs and how it is impacting the U.S. economy. When this happened, an overall explanation was provided about the lasting effects. These areas are having impact on the student's ability to address critical challenges and understand why it matters. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

Next, different groups of students were allowed to study various aspects of China by focusing on how this mattered to them and the effects it is having on their lives. This was achieved through utilizing different technological solutions to provide a better comprehension of critical challenges and its influence on these variables. This offered everyone with clearer explanations about how it is shaping the world they live in. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

After this was completed, is when each group shared their insights with the entire class and talked about what they learned from the exercise. This helps everyone to think more critically and understand the importance these developments are having on their daily lives. At the same time, it is showing them the significance of these concepts in the future and why they must be remembered. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

The results are that academic achievement improved by using an all encompassing strategy in presenting these ideas. This enabled the entire class to have a better grasp of these concepts and how they could apply them to their own lives. In Social Studies, the importance of examining different areas will have an influence on teaching someone about the world around them and the way they should adapt. It is at this point, when they are more open to new ideas and can relate them to various insights. They will hear in the news and from numerous political discussions. This is when each person can make a more informed decision by having a basic background on the subject. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

The Individual Learning Plan

To effectively encourage learning comprehension requires using a lesson plan that is all encompassing. The best way that this can be achieved is through utilizing a number of different factors in conjunction with each other. The most notable include:

Introduce the subject with a general discussion: This will provide everyone with a foundation of key ideas. During this process, the educator will talk about it from different cultural viewpoints and explain why it is important to various segments. These insights will offer a more opinions and the lasting effects it is having on everybody. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

Have group activities: After key concepts have been introduced, is when small groups will be formed. Everybody will be provided with specific ideas they must learn using different technology solutions in the process. This will give them further explanation, help them to think more critically and provide specific insights as to why it is important to them. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

Presentation of what was learned: This is when the entire class will reconvene and each group will discuss what they learned. These areas will enhance critical thinking by forcing everybody to explain why it matters and how it is influencing their lives. (Johnson, 1994) (Wren, 2011) (Ivers, 2003)

Once this occurs, is the point, students will have a better grasp of key ideas. This is accomplished through using ethnographic variables to offer further explanation, technology to build upon them and having everyone state why it is important to them. When this happens, they will remember these concepts and can utilize them to have better understanding of their importance in the future. In many ways, one could argue that this is the overall objective of Social Studies. Through offering more insights and clarity about how these issues will impact their lives and the opinions which are formed.

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