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Ohio Capitol Building

Discuss the overall design of the building. Upon what earlier buildings or styles was the design of this structure based? Why is that significant?

According to those who helped to construct the building, the Ohio Capitol was intended to be a building that was designed simplistically, to reflect the refinement and simple nature of the people in the state (Gilkey 1902,-page 651). The Ohio Capitol Building's design is based upon Greek and Roman architecture. It has been considered a premier example of Greek revival architecture which became popular during the 19th century in the United States and Europe (Gilkey 1902,-page 652). The structure was designed before the United States Capitol building and thus does not have the round dome that most capitol buildings have, although that structure too was designed after Grecian and Roman architecture. Subsequent additions to the building, either because of the need for additional room or because of a fire in the mid-19th century, led to the construction of a low, conical roof on the top of the cupola, which is considered one of the most famous and well-known features of the building. Almost all capitol buildings have been based on these ancient architectural designs. The reason for this is a claim to historicity. Since the United States is a
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relatively new country, by designing important buildings after works of ancient artistry, the architects are equating themselves and the work that is conducted inside the structure with the import of those in Europe.

2. Examine the features of the building and describe carefully the architectural elements and how they fit together. Discuss the origins of these features.

The building features Grecian Doric columns, which are evenly-spaced columns that stand without bases. The design is intended to evoke the same kind of appreciation and appearance of grandeur as the structures of Greece and Rome which were constructed millennia ago. These were all architectural elements that originated in Ancient Greece and Rome which have been recreated in structures in Europe, North America, South America, and across the western world.

3. Describe any appropriate sculpture, symbolism, or artwork used as decoration on the exterior of the building. How does the use of artwork, sculpture, or symbolism also reflect the architectural style used in this structure?

Standing parallel on either side of the entrance to the capitol building are two extremely large flagpoles. Most capitol buildings have two flags, one being the national flag and the other is usually the state flag. Interestingly, the Ohio state capitol has two national flags. The implication would seem that the…

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