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CICC and GIWG Compared

The Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council (CICC) is criminal intelligence body that is responsible for gathering intelligence information for the U.S. government. This organization is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that military officials and other security personnel have the right information needed for the flawless undertaking of their duties. This body is closely related to the Global Intelligence Working Group (GIWG) in terms of functions and scope of operations. The body acts as a federal advisory committee to the U.S. attorney general. It is the official advisory body to the attorney general on matters relating to the work and considerations that the attorney must consider while on duty.

The body works with the Bureau of Justice Assistance to assist the attorney general fulfill his mandates. However, the two bodies are functionally related. Both of them are mandated to collect intelligence information from the public and help the users make informed decisions relating to the national security (Kraft & Marks, 2012). The CICC is more general, unlike GIWG in terms of functions and


In most cases, the former seeks subordination and supportive information from the latter. The freedom of the two bodies is paramount in ensuring that they achieve their expected mandates. No amount of control can be justifiable without ensuring that the two operate independently yet objectively (Shapiro, 2011).

The objectives of CICC are linked to the creation of a safe, free and transparent environment for all the people in the country. The body also advises the security personnel on anti-terrorism matters. In this case, the union has all the powers to undertake its duties, and nothing or nobody can dissuade them. The employees working for this body are all trained security experts and thus are in a position to go about their activities with little effort and influence from the political class or any other group of people from outside. It is also noted that GIWG has a complete set of activities that are placed under its watch (Kraft & Marks, 2012).

Besides, the union is responsible for making most of the laws that are intended to make the attorney general and other state officials achieve their official mandate. The body also sets rules and regulations for all the organizations that are allied to the intelligence department. The personnel in this body are also well trained and are well versed in legal and security…

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