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e. incurable cancer; (2) referral to the Department of Palliative Medicine. The exclusion criteria for the study were: (1) estimated prognosis of less than 1 week; (2) significant cognitive impairment, i.e. unable to provide consent; (3) significant physical impairment, i.e. unable to complete protocol; (4) clinical evidence of dehydration; (5) current/recent (less than 2 weeks) use of antifungal medication. (Davies, Brailsford and Beighton, 2005)

Davies, Brailsford and Beighton (2005) report that the clinical component of the study involved "...completion of a study questionnaire (demographic data and clinical data), completion of the Memorial Symptom Assessment...


The prevalence of different cancer diagnoses were: carcinoma breast -- 40%; carcinoma bronchus -- 16.5%; carcinoma of prostate -- 15%; carcinoma colon/rectum -- 6%; others

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