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Organization Structure

ROWE Model

With each organization looking for the most efficient ways of getting work done, there has a risen a necessity to try out several modes of operation that would enable the intended results in an organization to be realized. This was one of the driving forces that prompted Best Buy to change their mode of operation to the ROWE model.

The other very significant reason behind the ROWE model is the employee burnout that is experienced by the majority of the people who are stuck to their desks from morning straight to evening with very short breaks in the name of working from the office. This results into loss of balance between the work-life aspects.

It is also significant to note that the employees looked at the clock system as one full of dogma with the bosses requiring them to be physically present at all the working hours, some were even forced to check in and out and their physical presence was confirmed every other minute. This made them feel too much watched over and that prompted the sense of need for freedom. In most cases when this freedom never came along, most resorted to resigning all together hence leading to a high employee turnover.

This clock model that had been in operation for a long time has meant that employees of organizations only attended to the work related correspondences and transactions during the office hours. Once one was out of the office, he would forget anything to do with the office work.

Therefore, the new strategy at Best Buy is to ensure an optimum production from each employee and a significant cut on the expenses that are directed towards the realization of the optimum production or output from the employees. Indeed, there is need even to have empty stalls that can be let out to other organizations and an open office…

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