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Organizational Conflict

The study defines the conflict that arises because of different functional and operational jurisdiction. In fact, a large part of conflict in the study can be considered functional that arises because each of Police Department has a different interpretation of the drug problems. Moreover, a large part of the conflicts stems from the autonomy of each of the Police Departments. For example, Milledgeville Police Department is the largest police department, while twenty-nine police departments are smaller in size and represent smaller communities, but none of the departments has the same view about the drug problem. Therefore, there are different and often opposite views about the use of 1-million dollar federal grant for drug enforcement efforts. Chief David Bascom thinks that Milledgeville Police Department should coordinate the efforts since a large part of the drug problem stems from his city. However, Chief Hayes believes that each of the Departments should be given equal proportion of the money and each should be responsible to carry its drug enforcement policy. Some other officers want the money to be spent for a broader cause. All of these views represent functional conflicts as well as interpersonal type of conflict.

Question 2: My suggestion for improving the communication and coordination will be to assemble a tem of the police officer from each of the thirty Police Departments. I believe a team that represents each of these departments will be better able to assess the seriousness, pros, and cons, of different views that have been raised by police officers. Rather than debating the issue in the open, the team can meet the chiefs in each of the departments and try to resolve their concerns and provide them a response that will tackle the larger problem of drug enforcement. When police chiefs in each of the counties are convinced and they begin…

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