Overarching Theme Of The Democratic Republican National Committee DRNC Convention Research Paper

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Overarching theme of the Democratic-Republican National Committee

Statement of the purpose of the exercise

The objective of the table top stimulus has been to replicate as practically as one possibly can the likeliest circumstances that the actual work-team task force might experience throughout the DRNC, in addition to a worst-case scenario.

Participating entities and their roles

A few of the entities included within the table top conference consist of: Major Susan Barker, the commander of the Crime Scene Investigations Bureau related to the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) together with professionals coming from the Miami-Dade Police Crime Lab, the Broward County Sheriff's Workplace Crime Scene Investigations Bureau, the town of Miami PD Crime Scene Section, Jackson Memorial Hospital, the FBI's Hazardous Material Response Unit, the Miami-Dade Police Bomb Squad, the Miami-Dade Healthcare Examiner's Office, the 44th Civil Support Team related to the Florida National Guard, along with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's Urban Search & Rescue Team.

Regional crime scene and forensic capabilities tested

The Miami-Dada Police Department (MDPD) has been the biggest law enforcement division within the southeastern U.S., servicing a racially and ethnically diversified area of more than 2.4 million occupants. The division has been dedicated to delivering professional police force as well as investigative services for the local community. As an ingredient related to the Public Safety strategic section, MDPD assists the city with 3 distinctive yet still connected functions. The division offers fundamental police services towards the Unincorporated Municipal Service Area (UMSA) associated with Miami-Dade County and hired municipalities, customized assistance services for UMSA as well as other cities, along with sheriff services for all Miami-Dade County residents. MDPD has been a globally approved police force organization, obtaining official certifications through the Commission for Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, inc. (CALEA) ever since 1993 and also by the Commission for Florida Police force Accreditation (CFA) during the year 2004 (Loftus, 2010).



Live simulations happen to be utilized within the crisis response practice for many years. These types of simulations currently have adopted the shape of strategic and/or decision-making routines to assist prepare individuals as well as teams to help give much better response to crisis situations (Corley and Lejerskar 2003; Frishberg 2005; Jain and McLean 2003). Appearing characteristically situation-founded as well as event-focused, they have been controlled by a team of individuals referred to as controllers. These particular controllers direct and measure the flow involving the training according to a stimulus-response routine together with the entities. The actual structure might vary from a number of question and answer periods to some highly practical interpretation or overall performance of a situation.

Sizeable-level, mass-injury occurrences have been very complicated simply because they require control over hundreds and in some cases several thousand sources, for example fire trucks as well as ambulances. Because of the amount of sources, this might need cooperation all over jurisdictional boundaries (Frishberg 2005). These kinds of occurrences have been essentially controlled with computer systems due to the intellectual and paperwork problems concerned.

In real-life circumstances, when an event rises in scale, the amount of responders additionally rises. At some point in time, hierarchical decision-making teams form to better handle the event. Within the U.S., the country's Incident Management System…

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