How Paralegal Consultants Help Law Firms Make The Most Of Their Paralegals Essay

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Presentation to Client: Paralegal Pros, Inc.

From its very humble beginnings in a home office just 3 years ago, Paralegal Pros, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively the company) has grown into a thriving business with a full-time of 15 certified paralegals who provide our clientele with general and specialized paralegal consultation services. The company recently opened a brick-and-mortar location near your law firm, and we would appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to our range of paralegal consultancy services. Besides providing general on-site and virtual consultation services, our certified paralegals also offer specialized services in legal areas such as bankruptcy, immigration and family law. Moreover, we intend to expand our areas of specialization depending on prevailing trends in demand in the future, so be sure to tell us what you want and need from your paralegal staff. The purpose of this prospectus is to describe how the company has succeeded where many others have failed and to describe more fully how we can help our current and prospective clients realize the maximum benefits from a qualified paralegal staff.

Description of the process followed to arrive at the conclusions

Although not everything went precisely as planned, Paralegal Pros followed a five-phase process to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage. Phases one and two were our start-up phases where were formalized our corporation acquired the equipment and materials we needed, designed the initial Web site and marketing content and hired two part-time certified paralegals to begin our consultation services. Phases three and four provided us with the opportunity to professionalize our marketing materials and transition our part-time paralegal staff to full-time status. The penultimate phase of our growth involved recruiting and retaining top-quality certified full-time paralegals who specialized in various areas of law that were in highest demand, such as bankruptcy, immigration and family law. The final phase is the current one that is making it possible for Paralegal Pros, Inc. to establish a brick-and-mortar location near large law firms in our city and expand our areas of specialty depending on demand. Besides our world-class…long-term transfer of skills throughout the organization

Because the company features certified paralegals who specialize in various areas of law such as bankruptcy, immigration and family law, there will be ongoing opportunities to promote the long-term transfer of specialty skills through Paralegal Pros. These opportunities will include videorecorded presentations by top-performing paralegals from each legal specialty area as well as through job shadowing, coaching and mentoring.


Thank you for your time and attention. We trust that our trip down memory lane was interesting and provided you with the background information about Paralegal Pros, Inc. that your law firms will need to make an informed decision about hiring our company for all of your current and future paralegal consultation needs. Our success to date has been built on high quality customer service, and we intend to continue that tradition in the future. In sum, your law firm can trust Paralegal Pros, Inc. to deliver on its promise to help you realize the full range of benefits that can be achieved using a talented…

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