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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is joint among people, and it is practiced uniquely. It helps people understand life better and understand how to deal with their situation. Spiritual guidance plays different roles. The first is to introduce what spiritual direction should be taken for those unfamiliar with the ministry. The other purpose is to provide a background of the practice of spiritual direction developed (Bidwell, 2004). Defining the spiritual approach is crucial since it guides people on how they should deal with the issues. Spiritual guidance is part of pastoral care. When people are spiritually guided, they can be empathetic and compassionate towards those who approach them in need.

In addition, spiritual guidance helps the counselors to be a step ahead and develop the ministry's sacramental aspects. They form excellent relationships with the people seeking their help, and they also use a Godly model to help those in need (Bidwell, 2004). Spiritual guidance with families and couples helps people know how to deal with the challenges they are facing, and they also get to know the proper techniques that they should use as they talk to the counselors. Through spiritual guidance, counselors pay more attention to communication. Growing intimacy with God makes it easier to give back to society and know the consequences of their actions.

Moreover, focusing on spiritual guidance gives people the spirit of discernment, and they get to know if a person's way of thinking is sinful or godly (Bidwell, 2004). Discernment leads to the disclosure of thoughts which leads to the practice of confession. When a pastoral counselor knows everything about an individual, helping them becomes easier. The people also get to know how to resist the actions that lead them away from God and how they can live a good and religious life (Bidwell, 2004).


Bidwell, D. (2004). Short-Term Spiritual Guidance. Fortress Press.

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