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This polarization of different groups is likely to carry over into the classroom: socio-economic disadvantages often translate into economic disadvantages. If one population is more represented in higher-level classes this can foster prejudice. High-performing minority students may feel uncomfortable if they make up an even slimmer majority in their honors and AP classes.

The segregation in the business indicates how on an adult level there is even more community division. Students are to some extent 'forced' to be in a diverse environment in public schools while adults are not compelled to do so and the shopping throughout the city exhibited relatively homogenous patterns between the dominant composition of the neighborhoods, the owners of the shop, and the shoppers.

However, the high levels of education in the community and the changing population suggest that a more diverse and multicultural perspective is possible, provided there is greater political will within the school district to expand language offerings and make diversity a more explicit priority within the school. The fact that members of historically discriminated-against groups are excelling in the school system is also hopeful.

Overall, I learned that the creation of a multicultural environment can rarely be reduced to one or two factors. School data may hint at positive signs of diversity even while there is an absence of a cohesive strategy by the school administration to truly support multicultural attitudes. That is why as a counselor it is extremely important to determine the attitudes of the individual when assessing his or her needs in the context of the wider educational environment.


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