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Has The Outside World Done Enough To Prevent The Future Violence Against Rohingya?

The Rohingya Muslims had been facing discrimination when they lived in Myanmar, also known as Burma. The state's leader had been brutal against them as she conducted an "ethnic cleansing" and now faces a catastrophic humanitarian situation (BBC News, 2017). They were even denied immigration and citizenship in Myanmar and have therefore experienced circumstances of persecution.

United Nations and UN Security Council have been condemning these killings for a long time and have criticized Myanmar's attacks on Rohingya villagers, calling it highly unethical and unacceptable. The Rohingya victims fled to Bangladesh for help but are still not getting the country's required support and aid and the international aid agencies. They arrived in Bangladesh in devastating health conditions; however, the host country can only provide help according to its resources. The Rohingya villagers have been on their own since then.

UN has failed to provide the necessary assistance in averting violence against the said community. There have been reports indicating that four years before the ethnic cleansing started; the UN officials tried to stop the human rights activists from visiting the state and conducting public advocacy on the issue (Fisher, 2017). There were attempts to block the aid provision to the affected community, and the supply was stopped from reaching them. Further research has revealed that the UN was still hesitant to solve the Rohingya matter since even behind closed doors, this matter was pushed aside along with the others. Even the host country, Bangladesh, has not been observed to protect the refugees in their country. It seems that high authorities like the UN and the host country are powerless in taking a strong stance and acting against the human rights violations done by Myanmar as it might upset Buddhist beliefs. This helplessness had led to less protection from the outside world to prevent future violence against Rohingya.


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