Personal Statement "Injustice Anywhere Is Application Essay

I have a strong desire to contribute to the field of medical law, perhaps in malpractice, to ensure that physicians are held accountable. This is important to me, and I know that by the time I am admitted to the bar I may pursue a different path, but the important thing for me right now is that law gives me a tremendous sense of purpose. I have proven myself in my pre-med studies, which now form the basis for my pre-law studies. Despite facing enormous challenges in dealing with my father's illness, I was able to maintain my strong academic focus. The hard work and dedication that I displayed during this time is indicative of the kind of person I am, the kind of law student that I will be and the kind of lawyer that I envision myself being.

You will doubtless be faced with an endless stream of applicants, but I stand tall among them. I have the talent, the brains, the dedication...


I believe that this path is based on honesty, integrity and upholding the principles of justice and fairness that make our country the best in the world. I firmly believe that I am choosing a school that shares my values, and in doing so I am making the best possible decision. In accepting me, you will also be making the right choice.

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