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personal statement University Waterloo . I'm applying Mathematics (Co-op Regular ) . Please write essay stating reasons choosing program waterloo 1. Education Goals 2. Interest chosen programs

My life experiences have come to define who I am today and the choices that I am currently making reflect my background. From a very young age I realized that I enjoy studying and applying formal sciences and this practically influenced me to achieve better results in these fields, as I enjoy doing what I like and this felt natural. Whenever someone questioned me about my degree or about how I saw my future I always responded by saying a joke involving mathematics hoping that the respective individual would immediately understand that this particular domain is very important for me.

Many people in the contemporary society tend to ignore the importance of mathematics because of its "cooler" counterparts. With technology experiencing significant advancement by the day, the masses have come to appreciate fields like informatics, computer science, and chemistry more than they appreciate mathematics. However, most are inclined to disregard the fact that mathematics is essentially at the root of each of these domains. In contrast to many people, I believe that this field is actually very important and that it can provide people with answers to problem that they never thought could be solved using mathematics. This domain is unlimited and can be used as a tool in a variety of situations, with researchers being likely to use it very often in their studies.

Throughout my life I learnt that being proficient in mathematics can help you in a series of situations that are more or less demanding. Thought processes happen faster when an individual is familiar with the domain and he or she is likely to make rational decisions through applying concepts that he or she learnt through studying mathematics. The fact that my personal appreciation of mathematics was not always satisfied during school did not stop me from developing an autonomous strategy of studying this field. As I struggled to learn as much mathematics as possible I realized that an individual can develop a stronger relationship with the domain if he or she attempts to study it by using subjective concepts, considering that teachers are generally inclined to teach from an objective point-of-view and this makes it difficult for many students to understand a matter correctly.

My experience with mathematics provided me with a complex understanding of life and what one should expect from it. Similar to how other people express passion in regard to a certain hobby, I can say that mathematics is my hobby and even more. I enjoy spending my free time (when I am not studying mathematics) theorizing in regard to mathematic laws and concerning how these respective…

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