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Yet, it is not the global recession that prompted the problems, but it is more of the time when they surfaced. The cause is the poor personnel management implemented for years within the organization, meaning as such that a solution can only come with the improvement of the personnel management strategies. The lines below point out to some strategies that could be developed and implemented to address the problem of poor personnel management at British Airways:


The creation and implementation of a strong corporate culture focused not only on customer satisfaction, but also on employee on the job satisfaction. British Airways should constitute a safe, pleasant and dynamic working environment that values employee input and embraces employee diversity (Matthews, 1998); an advantage would be offered by incentives, such as flexible working schedules or telecommuting (Joice, 1991)


The creation of a technological infrastructure that allows communications among staff members; such as the intranet (Gupta and Hebert, 1998) and the promotion of a culture centered on open communications


Placing incremental emphasis on the satisfaction of various categories of stakeholders, such as customers, staff members, shareholders or the general public; whatever strategies satisfy the public will improve the perception of the company, its public support and also the support of the staff


Conducting assessments of the means in which organizational activities are being run and placing emphasis on the creation of operational efficiency, rather than simply cutting costs through wage freezing and downsizing


However the crisis did not create the problems, it emphasized them. So it is advisable for the British airline operator to not make any major decisions just yet, but wait for the recession to come to an end and then make better informed judgments.


In case the employees become once again organized and determined to go on strike, it is advisable for the executives to address the court and request an injunction.

4. Conclusions

British Airways is a reputable airline operator, but, like most multinational organizations, the internationalized economic crisis has taken a severe toll on it. The direct impact was that of significantly diminished financial results, which in the end brought the British Airways executives to considering the implementation of a cost cutting strategy. The decision however dissatisfied the staff members, who decided to go on strike. The court appointed to settle the dispute ordered for an injunction on the strike. The employees are now holding discussions to attempt another strike.

As the problems were not created by the crisis, it becomes obvious that a solution must address the root cause -- the poor personnel management at British Airways. This should be achieved through a series of strategic courses of action improving the relationship between employee and employer at all organizational levels.


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