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"Robert Frost the famous poet received four Pulitzer prizes for poetry." "There is small difference between a dramatist and a poet." "Shake spear is known more for his work as a dramatist, not as a poet"

Intention and Intensional definitions

Absurd is used to describe something irrational or illogical. Absurd is something which does not make sense, something which borders insanity.

Buffoon is a stupid person or a fool. A person who does things in an amusing way, e.g a clown.

Cemetery is a place where dead people are buried. A cemetery is a modern graveyard.

Dictator is a ruler who has complete power over a nation, mostly acquired through force. A person who behaves in an autocratic way in regards to other people.

Egotism is being obsessed with one's sense of importance making someone to think and act only in regards to one's importance. Egotism is to be utterly selfish, think of only oneself.

Feast is a celebration in which a large meal is served. Feast is party where food is served in large quantities.

Garret is a top floor room usually under the roof. A garret is a small room in the top floor mostly inhabited by artists.

Hasten is to increase pace. Hasten it do things quickly.

Infant is a child usually under 5 years. An infant is a child who is too young to be left without care of parent / guardian.

Jeopardy is danger of being in harm or destruction. Jeopardy is the state of being in danger of losing something.

A kine is an old English word for cows. Kine is an archaic term used to refer to cattle.

Labyrinth is a complex network of paths or tunnels which is difficult to find one's way. Labyrinth is a maze.

Mendicant is a beggar. Mendicant used to describe someone who is given to asking for basic things from everyone.

Novice is someone who in new to something or untrained. Novice is someone without experience in a particular field.

Omen is an occurrence which portends good or evil. Omen is a prophetic sign.

Panacea is a cure-all solution to all problems. Panacea is a remedy to common issues or problems.

Quack is a person who falsely claims to have knowledge in a particular field. A quack is a novice who pretends to be an expert.

Rostrum is a podium. Rostrum is a raised ground used to make public speeches or performances.

Scoundrel is person who is dishonest. A scoundrel is a conman.

Tepee is a tent mostly used by the red Indians. A small tent of choice for the…

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