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What we can learn about domestic violence from Maggie's situation is that it can occur at any moment, even when one least suspects it. However, by placing ourselves in situations where things are unstable between members of a home, it creates a situation that is more infused with tension and makes those members vulnerable to an outburst. In Maggie's situation, for example, she is a single mother and still a teenager at age 19. She is practically a child who has been forced into the world of adulthood and motherhood while still a teen. She is seeing a much older man, who is an ex-convict and aged 31. Maggie's husband is estranged and her mother is a victim of drug abuse. She seeks solace in helping someone who, like her mother, has also suffered from drugs. Still, the relationship is not as easy as all that: first of all, they barely know one another and yet already he has her name tattooed on his neck -- after 3 and a half months of dating. This is a sign of seriously rash and impulsive behavior...


There is a potential can of worms here -- and the scene of domestic violence that erupts one night when Maggie gets jealous and her partner takes it upon himself to demonstrate his "manhood." What we can learn from this is that the relationship from the beginning seems to have been very hot and tumultuous in a passionate sense -- what with the tattoos and the affirmation of love and tenderness. But as Shakespeare tells us, love that strikes like lightning can turn as quickly to hatred -- and that is what happens here.

Thus what we can learn about domestic violence from this story is that it is best to avoid those kind of relationships where everything happens fast and suddenly. It is better to progress slowly instead of with haste -- because in that case there is the potential of haste turning into hate all of a sudden -- and that might have been avoided with Maggie, whose partner was arrested and sent to prison on account of the attack. Plus the age gap -- his being 11 years older while she is still a teen -- tells us that there is significant difference in experience here.


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