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This activity promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, cardio-respiratory endurance and special awareness.

Using Team Jump Rope will teach both basic jumping and coordination skills, along with adding and subtracting. In this activity, students work together to predict how many jumps they can complete as a team per minute. At the end, they add up their totals and determine how close their predictions were.

The game Space Invaders teaches students how to identify and successfully pass a ball to a receiver. For rules, visit

The game Basketball Bingo allows students to practice basketball chest and bounce pass skills. Students pair up and each pair is given a basketball and bingo card. Students find tasks cards that correspond with their bingo card. After completing the task, they mark their card and keep going until they get bingo.

The game Catch 100 helps students with catching and throwing skills. Hoops our set on the floor and a different type of ball in each pair of hoops. One student goes to the hoop and throws the ball to the other person and so forth until they rotate do another type of ball.

To incorporate learning states and capitals while also working on fine motor skills, a game of Geography Golf can be used. Like Frisbee golf, students work together to create holes that represent a state and capital.

To improve left brain right brain cognitive abilities and eye hand coordination, the game of Sport Stacking can be used. This is the popular cup stacking game that now has contest around the country.

To teach disability awareness, a wheelchair obstacle course can be used, requiring the students to negotiate around various items while using a wheelchair.

To work on increasing lung capacity and endurance, along with aquatic skills, the game of Feeding Frenzy can be used. Here the students are sharks. At the bottom of the pool are various weighted objects. The students must swim to the bottom of the pool and retrieve the objects for points.

To increase muscular strength and endurance, fun push ups help make the boring activity of push ups more fun. For ideas, visit

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