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Physical Therapy - Personal Characteristics and Motivating Factors

Pursuing Physical Therapy as a Career: Personal Characteristics and Motivating Factors

There are many reasons why people pursue specific career fields. Some individuals engage in a particular career for the money, and others do it because they are interested in helping people or they find some other value in what they are doing. If a career is not rewarding in some way, it can be difficult to continue that career. Instead, people in this situation will often move on to a career that they find much more valuable to them, personally, or to society as a whole. I chose to pursue physical therapy as a career for several reasons, some of which are directly related to my own, personal motivations and some of which are more closely related to the value that my work may bring to others. I do not feel that there is any right or wrong reason to choose a career, but I believe that personal and professional happiness would be more significant to me than how much money I am making. Work environment and value to others is very important to me, and I am more focused on how I am being treated and how I treat others rather than the amount of money in my paycheck.

I have already worked as an intern in the field of physical therapy, and I have spent over 100 hours observing in a physical therapy setting. That may not seem like much, but it was enough to ensure I was doing the right thing by choosing to work in the physical therapy field. As an intern and again as an observer, I was able to see how much of a difference physical therapy can make in the lives of people who need some help. These people have the opportunity to improve, but they can only get better if they are receiving the help that they really need. I want to be one of the people who is part of the solution, so that I can help them feel better about themselves and see that they are going to regain some of what they might feel as though they lost. Physical therapy can do so much, especially with new techniques and treatments coming to light.

I have two main reasons for getting involved in physical therapy: what I can do for others, and the enjoyment I get for myself. It is a beautiful thing to have a career that you really love, and it is even better if that career is also one that can be used in order to help other people. That way, a large number of people benefit from the career choice that a person gets involved with. In this case, I will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. Helping people is something that means a great deal to me, and I also want a career that I can enjoy. When a person loves what they do, they want to go to work every day and they do their best at their job. That is necessary for someone in physical therapy. If they do not show up for work, people who are relying on them to improve their quality of life may not get the treatment they need. In addition, this can put extra pressure on other physical therapists who are trying to cover that person's patient load.

Because of my dedication to physical therapy and my enjoyment of it as a career, this will not be an issue that I would create for an employer or client with whom I was working. Majoring in both clinical medicine and pre-physical therapy has also helped me to focus on the details and the seriousness of the career. There are many details that have to be addressed, and keeping up with continuing education and licensing requirements is vital. I know that these types of issues are important, and that they are things that must be addressed no matter what professional job I would have. Physical therapy, though, is my passion and not something that I just want to do for the money or for any kind of importance or prestige that might come with the career. This type of career can be difficult, and it can require long hours, patience, and a good attitude even when things go wrong. I feel that I have what it takes to do well in this career, and that I can offer my skills and talents to others in such a way that it will benefit my employer, my clients, and myself.

In addition to my internship and my observation of physical therapists, I also joined the Physical Therapy Organization and volunteered for many activities through it. For me, physical therapy is not about the money, but about the people. I have learned so much regarding helping others and the kind of mindset that a physical therapist needs to have in order to make sure he or she can do the best job possible. While physical therapy is part of the medical field, it is different from what "typical" doctors do. While doctors are working to cure and prevent disease and injury as much as possible, physical therapists only work on issues such as giving a person back his or her mobility and range of motion after disease or injury has already taken place. The prevention aspect is not as significant, but proper physical therapy can prevent regression and further injury in some cases, which is very important to consider. There is a great deal of value in what physical therapists offer.

As for me, personally, I believe I have many of the traits that are needed in a successful physical therapist. For example, I am a very consistent person. I show up for work every day, do what is asked of me, and often go above and beyond in order to make sure that I am helping as much as possible. Many people do their jobs, but few people do more than they have to in order to get by in their careers. I want to be seen as one of the people who is truly dedicated, and who always does more than necessary. Working until the job is done is the only way to work, and if a person wants to be part of a team he or she has to be focused on the needs of the team and the client, not the needs of an individual worker. There are exceptions to this, of course, because people have lives that they have to deal with - and they have to work within the boundaries of their own capabilities. What one person can do may not be something that another person can do. That is important to keep in mind, but it is also very important to make sure that the people who do physical therapy are highly capable at their job.

Every time I work with others, the results are good. I do not say that to brag, but simply to show that I am a hands-on professional who is committed to my work. I am a highly creative person and consider myself to be innovative. In the field of physical therapy I am committed to making sure I am treating everyone properly and allowing them to get the most out of their sessions. While it is not possible to really be a friend to every patient I encounter, I do strive to develop some sort of a relationship with the clients I treat, so that I am better able to focus on their needs. Learning more about them helps me to see that there are many different people who have physical therapy needs, and they come from all walks of life and all socioeconomic backgrounds. I consider myself to be calm and collected, and I am a patient and versatile person no matter the situation in which I am placed. Because I am willing to go all out to help others, I feel I can be very beneficial to any employer in the physical therapy field and anyone who is in need of physical therapy.

I am dedicated to the physical therapy field, and I love putting in time and effort for work that will be considered to be excellent quality. My critical thinking skills are strong, and I am a person who adapts easily to new ideas and new surroundings. One of the main reasons I feel these traits are important is that physical therapy is a field that is ever-changing. Each day brings new challenges for the patients the therapist sees, and with that comes new ways of treating people. As little as 50 or even 20 years ago, people were treated much differently in physical therapy settings than they are today. I enjoy being part of something that is always growing and changing, and I enjoy being part of something that is bigger than…

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