Police Ethics Capstone Project


Police Ethics: Presentation Summary The presentation to be delivered to my organization concerns the critical public safety issue of police ethics. The primary source for this presentation would be the data gathered from an interview with an individual working in the county sheriff's department to reinstate an internal affairs unit are a twelve year absence.

The subject of the interview would provide detailed and first-hand insight into the importance of the role played by ethics in shaping police work. In his responses, he would assert that ethical policing extends from ethical leadership. The example for fair and honest police work must start at the top of a police department and must be extended through every arm of law enforcement. The interview would reveal the internal priority of training law enforcement agents to function as role models and also to hold themselves to the same set of ethical standards...


For the internal affairs agency here, there is an emphasis being placed on regular and ongoing ethical training for officers, a clear departure from the relatively modest attention given to ethical conditioning for young trainees.
Another step being taken by police forces, the presentation will show, is improved screening for ethical orientation as individuals are evaluated for police work. In the county around which the interview was centered, the interview subject indicated, a new sheriff had begun to take a more hardline stance on hiring only those who meet certain ethical prerequisites. In the interests of ensuring ethical police work and protecting the reputation of the precinct, the new sheriff has turned away applicants who do not meet…

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