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Police Officer Occupation

Police officers are probably the most visible law enforcers in our society today. Not everybody who clearly understands all what the police officers are supposed to do apart from cracking down criminals who at their own will or as result of undue influence break the law of their land. Apart from this widely known role, police officers ensure public safety by conducting traffic, educating the public about the law, provision of noticeable presence to deter crime and above all, they are the first responders in preventing a crime from occurring.

Being a police man is a call besides having a secure job or a financial reward one receives. It's a demanding job which can be very stressful but at the same time fulfilling when helping people and solving a society's problem. Though policing is one those lines of work which has little connections to social life, I have the goal of becoming a police officer because of varying reasons as explained below.

To begin with, I am aware that my role would be complex reason being that I will be exposed to murder, rape, and mayhem including other evils against mankind ranging from minor disturbances to highly organized crimes. Despite this, my passion is to support victims of crimes especially the intimidated persons in the streets and society at large. Fubra limited (2009).

To safeguard life; My prime responsibility is to protect life. Everybody is entitled to right to live by the constitution and if one is deprived of this right, it becomes a concern for human rights and in some cases grouped as crime against humanity. Thus I want to ensure that people are not deprived of this by other malicious beings.

To enforce the prevailing law; Law ensures order is maintained and as police officer my intention is make patrols checking out any kind of violations of rules and regulations ranging from conducting interrogations to carrying out searches.

To serve the community; In serving the community, I will be answering people's complaints in relation to criminal activities and accidents that a society may be subjected thus solving problems of the society by creating a safe environment.

To protect property; It's a constitutional right for one to own property in land so long as one is a resident. To ensure this will be involved in controlling rowdy individuals and mobs that can end up being destructive and consequently dragging back the economy of the land. Nakate (2011).

To provide security; As a policeman am aware that I can be called upon to provide security to airports; public places to keep bad elements at bay and also to provide security to rallies, processions, gatherings and in some instances, providing security to VIPs like government officials as noted by Nakate (2011).

To earn a guaranteed and stable income; With or without crimes, police officers are always paid. Their work is not based on commission basis. According to Fubra limited (2009), police officers are paid depending to positions and ranks. Their pay increases with the length of time served with performance related bonuses as well as the opportunity to work abroad.

To facilitate the movement of people and vehicles; as police officer, I will be involved in penalizing offenders of petty crimes such as violation of traffic rules which creates disorder in public roads by imposing fines on them and also to ensure that road accidents are minimized while also facilitating the movement of people from areas of high risk disasters to safer regions or places.

Upholding the rule of law; this will also be an integral part of the daily work that I will be engaged in. this will mean I will be making people aware of the acts considered offences and breaking of the law as well as apprehending the law greasers and presenting them before the legal system for appropriate legal proceedings to take place.

In performing the above roles I will be serving the community both as a problem solver and as a career in protecting the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression and above all ensuring equality for all.

There are various ways to ensure that I achieve all the above goals and responsibilities namely;

Recognizing the badge of my office, as a symbol of public faith, I will stay true to my oath of loyalty as a public figure, be true to…

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