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policy to assess the admission candidates and to develop a plan that may help the researcher in assessing the applications of the international students in an error free and most effective manner. In this context the title of dissertation should be "Developing Policies for Accurate Admission Assessment."

The research will focus on areas, which will help the researcher in developing an effective admissions acceptance policy and alternative graduation diploma policy. For this purpose, the researcher will study the accreditation standards of different regions so that a clear understanding of the educational standards of that region can be developed. This will help the researcher in developing a policy according to the standards of different regions. However, it will not be feasible to develop a separate plan in for the students of each country. Another important area, which the research study is going to cover, is regarding the graduation requirements defined by each country. This will help the researcher to identify the graduate standards of different regions. Once these standards will be identified, the researcher will be able to easily assess the admission application of the student of that particular country or region. It is important to explore this area, as the information pertaining to this will help the researcher in develop a realistic policy about the admission assessment for the students of that region.

In addition to this, the research will also focus on identifying the curriculum of the study, in different regions. This information will be helpful in creating a plan to judge the eligibility of the students applying from that region. It will also help in developing an understanding of the course curriculum of different regions, which will again prove t be helpful in admission assessment.

However, it should be noted that the identification of curriculum of studies would not be enough for the researcher. In order to develop a clear understanding of the programs of study offered in any specific region, the researcher will have to find out as to what is the objective of any particular program of study and what areas are being covered in the curriculum. The diagnosis of the course description will help the researcher to reach to a conclusion about the educational standards of that particular region and to identify that whether their programs of study meet the minimum admission requirements of educational institutes in England.

Another important area to be explored during the research is the possibility of developing certain testing procedures and tools through which one can analyze the ability of any student in any given subject. This method can be proved as one of the most effective methods of admission assessment as it will…

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