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Political, Social and Economic Plan

Our country has the potential of becoming one of the most important nations of the world since it has all the resources that few others have been blessed with. We have countless mineral reserves, a rich soil and a supportive climate that makes it ideal for agriculture.

Most of all, we have a young and talented population that is a priceless resource. In order to transform this undoubted potential into a concrete reality, however, we need to adopt the right policies. We are passing through a critical phase of not just our own history but also the history of the entire mankind in which we have the choice of either seizing the moment or missing the opportunity. The 'opportunity' is offered by the unprecedented technological developments in communication technologies and the lowering of trade barriers around the world.

Our failure in the past has been the lack of a workable and coherent plan that gives a definite direction to the social, political and economic future of our country. We have also, for too long, ignored the will and welfare of our people that must surely be the aim of all good governments. It is true that not much time has passed since I was elected the President of this country and I have a lot to learn about the most onerous of duties. I have, however, prepared the basic outlines of a plan about the future of our great country that I would like to place before this august body. I urge you to examine this plan carefully and dispassionately and to support me to implement it for the good of this country regardless of
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your party affiliations and your personal feelings about me.

Corruption & Accountability

Many of our political, social, and economic problems have emanated from the long period of military dictatorship that this country had to endure for 20 long years. It gave rise to a culture of the worst kind of corruption that has seeped into every facet of our society. Unless we can effectively tackle this scourge of corruption all our efforts at betterment would be futile. And how can we even begin to tackle this 'monster?' I am under no illusion that it would be an easy task. But I have a firm belief that it can be done if we have the will. I suggest the immediate setting up of an independent and empowered 'accountability' bureau. Its brief would be to carry out a most ruthless accountability of those who have corrupted the system as opposed to those who have been corrupted by the system. (Khan, 1999) There are people in this country who have been in power and made fortunes by misusing these powers. These are the people who need to be brought to task rather than, for example, those who had to pay bribes to get things done in a corrupt system or in order to feed their families due to a grossly inadequate pay structures. As a first step I place all my personal and my family's assets open for public scrutiny, and expect that others in position of power would follow suit.

Economic System

It is not my intention to start a debate about which economic…

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