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Texas Governor: An Evaluation of Powers

George W. Bush, the 46th governor of the State of Texas, once termed it "the best job in the world" despite the fact that, of the fifty governors in the United States, they hold the least constitutional powers. This limitation of powers came about due to perceived abuses of power by Governor E.J. Davis during Reconstruction, which necessitated the Texas constitution to support a weak governor with limited formal power. Compared to the Governor of New Jersey who wields immense powers, including the ability to appoint Supreme Court justices and fill cabinet positions, Texas governors are considered the weakest. In light of the numerous limitations this office has to contend with, it is surprising that those serving in the position of governor in Texas are considered some of the most skillful when it comes to promotion of policies and exercising of their political privileges. In fact, their efforts have had a major impact on the lives of Texans due to the various educational, developmental, and insurance related reforms that they have implemented. According to McCall, the fairness, loyalty, competence, and leadership are the fundamentals of governorship, which means that the success of Texas governors cannot be solely attributed to the powers of...


In an attempt to dispute the allegations that Texas governors are weak, this text evaluates their powers and assesses their ability to lead. It also examines past administrations and takes a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the gubernatorial position.

The powers of the Texas governor

The powers of the governors can be categorized into leadership, executive, and legislative powers. Governors are in charge of making the policy recommendations that are introduced as bills by lawmakers in the senate and statehouse chambers (Office of The Governor, Texas). They also appoint those in charge of commissions and boards that oversee heads of departments and state agencies as well as the secretary of state. The governors may reject specific legislations as they deem it fit, in accordance with the state budget, and they can also moderate the harshness of punishment granted to criminals. In case the legislature has not convened, governors may appoint people without confirmation, who work until the legislature gets back in session. In the Texas constitution, governors are recognized as commanders in chief of the state and they oversee the actions of the Texas National Guard when the need arises (McCall, 7). Generally, the executive office's powers are distributed among different boards, commissions, and agencies (Office of The Governor, Texas).

In agreement with McCall, Texas governors cannot be said to be too weak to lead because "the strengths of an individual governor's personality can overcome many of the limitations opposed by the office" (McCall, 3). Therefore, the effectiveness of the governors rests in their ability to utilize their persuasion skills, personalities, and influence to appeal to the emotions of Texans in a way that will enable them to promote and implement their policies. McCall asserts that in any form of relationship, the powerful party is…

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