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PR class

Tweeet Pie: the 'twecipe' book of 140-character recipes

Social Media Marketing has now become one essential ingredient of every business on fire, planning to serve community in most delicious way possible. Seemingly every big or small business can multiply its repute and sales drastically by employing social media techniques. Like the one brilliant step taken by UK cooker brand Belling, eager to reposition its name by grabbing attention of folks socializing on Twitter who love to cook and share their fun and interest with others worldwide.

The campaign was not just all about bringing in recipes of mouth watering treats in a short recipe book bearing the name of 'tweet pie', but its outstanding aspect was to limit the length of every recipe to 140 characters. This was the most engaging feature for twitter fans and audiences (Cooking up the twecipe book, 2011)

People were requested to tweet in their most quick and favorite recipes using the hashtag #TweetPie. The campaign ended up collecting over 200 'recipes' being submitted. That was not it yet, after that Umpf (PR and social media agency who carried out this campaign) got down to discovering the ideal illustrations for the book. Again, over 92 designers put forward entries for the illustration competition (Independent, 2011).

The recipes of Tweet pie are called 'twecipes' and they are the collection of recipes both from twitter fans and The campaign has been chosen in the Best Use of Twitter category at the Social Buzz Awards. The campaign resulted in an increase in revelation for Belling and achieved around 100 pieces of media coverage.

Harnessing the power of the ever-increasing popularity of twitter and other social media sites has earned the British cooking appliance manufacturer Belling great repute among masses. You can very well imagine the popular short twecipe book circling around possessing the name of 'Belling' on its cover. That is how any brand in market can make its presence felt overwhelmingly only with some attractive and innovative ideas (Tweet Pie: the 'twecipe' book of 140-character recipes, 2011).

Tweet pie is not less than a revolutionized inspiration in shorthand recipe-writing and a green idea to cut down paper waste. It is filled up with twecipes, which compressed ingredients and directions for 140 characters or less. According to Belling the whole idea of collecting abbreviated recipes dawned on them after discovering that celebrity chef Delia Smith needed long-winded instructions for a simple roast beef dish which took 872 words and that she is the Britain's wordiest chef.

Another magnificent feature of Tweet pie is that all profits pouring in from this cookbook will benefit Food Cycle which is a Scottish nonprofit organization committed to decreasing food waste and food poverty in the Britain through volunteer efforts and community outreach.

Twecipes are short and interesting to read and try out. Besides using a lot of common contractions like tsp and tbsp (for teaspoon and tablespoon), twecipes also includes a long list of shorthand form of almost every word including s&p (salt and pepper), H2O (water) and for verbs like mlt (melt), cvr (cover), and garl (garlic). A comprehensive glossary of twecipe terms can be found on Belling's website. So ultimately the idea of inviting people engaged in a popular social network to put in their recipes and also illustrations is amazing to draw massive attention towards the brand like Belling (Cooking up the twecipe book, 2011).

Now it's your turn to let loose your mind's eye to come up with the most brilliant idea to make your brand name resonate within the walls of social media networks.

2.PR consultant for a Persian restaurant

For organizations, company or people the PR or the public relations is a means to enhance their reputation in the marker. Public Relations generally involve the use of media to communicate with the media and present the client in the best possible favorable way. As the case of Persian Restaurant is concerned, there are some strategies that the restaurant can take up in order to make its name in the market and increase its sales (Harrison, 2010).

These strategies are as follows:

1. Avoid spreading extra information

To raise the interest of the clients, you have to conceal some of the information so that there is more to inform about when asked. Tehran Restaurant should be doing the same to increase the interest of the consumers in its position.

2. Avoid 'WE' Attitude

WE is a word that adds a sense of inferiority to the conversation no matter oral or the written. Making press appearances with a You attitude are fruitful rather being otherwise.

3. Words that Sell

This terminology refers to the use of good words for communication; this would develop an impressive illustration of the restaurant in the minds of the customers.

4. Asking for what you want

For TEHRAN, the management should be asking the clients what they want and that is possible through effective customer feedback. Therefore an encouraged feedback from the clients is also a good strategy to clear the falling image of the company (Reddi, pg 114-116, 2009).

Best Target Audience for PR Efforts

The best target audience for the PR efforts of the restaurant is the people living in the surrounding area of the restaurant. This is so because if the people at the head of the restaurant are satisfied, they would automatically spread the good words as hot cakes in the society. Therefore, the company would not have to make efforts to take in the distant customers.

Tehran's Competitors

Tehran's competitors are all the nearby restaurants in general and any restaurants who are giving away the Persian food in particular. Fighting the competitors is all the more important because good substitutes always decrease sales. Any Persian restaurant around or even in the state would be a threat to the Tehran's reputation and current number of customers. Therefore, there should be a focus on the competitive strategies of the substitute restaurants in order to save the image of the restaurant Tehran from falling (Mark Moehlman, pg 10-16, 2010).

Realistic Objectives of Public Relations

It is not sufficient to open a restaurant; it is essential to endorse it and do this vigilantly and in a right direction. However, optimistic public awareness is vital to a restaurant's success. Both media and client awareness for this particular restaurant can be raised with a cautiously designed restaurant public relations promotion. It is significant to have a properly defined business plan and restaurant public relations must be well thought-out as a vital part of it. Unambiguous communication is central and this is for the restaurant public relations to be effective. The objectives of public relations for a restaurant would simply be:

1. Create interest

2. Stimulate demand

3. Create product/service/food awareness

4. Reinforcing the brand name

Success of the Public Relations Effort

The success of the efforts made for reshaping the public relations for the restaurant depends upon the increase in the number of the customers at Tehran. The increase in number automatically signifies that the people have started to accept the restaurant along with the political influences of both the countries and the people are willing and eager to try the food of Tehran to change the taste of their usual appetite (Reddi, pg 114-116, 2009). If PR is done correctly for this restaurant, the business will obtain an increase in fascinated clients, which may escort to a boost in sales. When marketing is united with PR, it can lead to the most excellent end of the agreement for both departments. PR will make awareness and marketing will advertise the restaurant to interested customers. While both quarters are time consuming, they can have a great impact upon a company if they are tactically planned (Mark Moehlman, pg 24-26, 2010).

3. Rehabilitation of the Bull Terriers

As an owner of the Pit Bull Terrier, I deem that the dog is so far one of the finest dog species that ever existed. Pit bull terriers are known to be the nanny dogs since long. The term nanny dog signifies their homely attitude and they make great pets. Due to some unethical practices, these dogs have been banned in many areas of the United States. Pit bulls have been fighting dos as well as family dogs. They are a loveable species of dogs with their great benefits as rescuers and fighters. They can give away their lives and take the lives for the well-being of their masters.

Numerous times rescues and shelters stumble upon a dilemma. What to carry out with the pit bulls that were brought in due to a dog combating raid. Many times, the dogs are repeatedly just put down. Euthanasia tends to be the primary and only alternative for the dogs. Now, is that fair, in my opinion it is not good and humane.

Since the use of these dogs for criminal activities has increased so much, and the government actions have been with severe consequences, the breed…

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