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The beliefs have changed, the people are no longer unified.

They attempt to unite us in a certain way -- they attempt to get us to recognize that we see one another differently and are frightened by that. They attempt to show us how judging others comes from prejudice. But I think prejudice is part of human nature. Unless we are on the same page about what we believe, how can we know whom to trust, or what to expect of others who are obviously of a different culture? Jesus teaches us to act with charity -- to rise above our human nature -- but not everyone believes in Jesus. Should I act that way nonetheless?

I do not often see charity on the streets of L.A. But sometimes I do. Skin color and culture do not always act as barriers. I see people of different ethnicities talking to one another sometimes. I see people acting with kindness. I also see people getting angry or making jokes and acting roughly. People say not to look at people as stereotypes, but we all tend to fit a kind of stereotype. I act in a certain manner that people recognize as Asian -- I also act in a certain manner that people recognize as Californian. I am a mix of both, now, and I see other people acting stereotypically: I see Latinos wearing their white t's and bandanas, with their tattoos. I see blacks standing idly in their baggy clothing or flashing their expensive jewelry. I see whites looking positively uptight and out of place.

Perhaps we can all work to improve our relations, but we do not have to pretend that we do not see these things. Our relations can change maybe if we go back to the old ways, and relearn the old beliefs. But some people are even prejudiced against them. Everyone is looking for his or her own way.

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