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The article critiqued in this document is entitled "Workplace economics." It was authored by representatives from the American Chiropractic Association -- although a specific author is not identified. This article serves as an overview to the field of ergonomics as it affects the workplace. The author approaches the topic from a decidedly broad perspective. There are a number of generalizations that are made in this article. In fact, very few of the assertions within it are actually substantiated. As such, it appears as though the author believes the reader should simply believe him or her based on the author's word, or perhaps because of the publication's backing by the American Chiropractic Association.


There is no research problem identified in this article. Furthermore, there is no original research performed in it. The only type of problem identified in the article is the general one that ergonomic discomfort engenders in the workplace. Specifically, the issue of injuries incurred while working is addressed. There are a number of complications that are created by these injuries, which include most eminently higher costs to replace employees that are injured, to treat employees that are injured, and to retrain individuals who are replacing employees. The form that these injuries takes generally includes, "carpal tunnel syndrome (a nerve entrapment at the wrist seen in computer users), low-back pain,...


1). These injuries are definitely problems that are worthy of research in the field of ergonomics, since ensuring ergonomic comfort could largely prevent a number of them. Some organizations develop "programs" (Kelby, 2014, p. 53) to address these issues. However, this problem is not researched in this article.


There was no research conducted in this article. Therefore, there were no research procedures as well. Instead, there are a bevy of assumptions and unsubstantiated statements about ergonomics and the injuries that they cause. There is not one citation or references throughout this entire article. Nonetheless, it is noteworthy to mention that many of the unsubstantiated statements and assumptions made about ergonomics and the proclivity towards injury that improper ergonomics produce are plausible. They seem to make sense. However, it would greatly improve the cogency of the author if these statements were based on the sort of empirical evidence that original research, and citations of others that had conducted original research, facilitates.


The principle flaw in the procedural design is the fact that there is no procedural design. A procedural design is a part of conducting original research; no such research was conducted in this document. As such, virtually all of the information offered in this article is flawed. The authors…

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