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Fortunately, the story has a happy turning as we are presented in parallel with the actions of Adriana's brother who goes on a quest of saving his sister risking his own life. Adriana's brother, Jorge, played by Cesar Ramos, teams up with an American that is on the search of his own daughter, and they both attempt to rescue Adriana. The two manage to find out the internet site that Adriana is being auctioned to and they also manage to win the auction. Adriana is later saved as the police capture the criminals with the help of Jorge and his ally.

Trade presents the general picture of human trafficking, but at the same time it presents a story with a somewhat happy ending which usually does not exist in the cases of the other tens of thousands of women that are being kidnapped and then sold. The case of Adriana is not singular, and there are many other cases of kidnapped children around the globe that don't manage to escape the tragic destiny of becoming the typical street corner prostitutes.

The movie also points out that usually, women that choose to prostitute do so against their will and they undergo a series of incidents that compel them to turning to a life in misery. Psychologically speaking, life as a prostitute is very demanding for the women having to smile and to accept to satisfy all their clients without any feeling of love or sexual attraction involved.

As described by a seventeen-year-old Cambodian girl, rescued from a brothel, it all begins when the victims are sold to a whore -house. At first, they are not told about what services they have to perform as they meet the other victims, which are already prostituting. Dalyn, the abused girl, tells about the circumstances in which she was sold and presented with the "working area": "There were lots of other boys and girls at the brothel. I overheard two pimps bargaining and heard one of them say my price was $150 (£78)."(BBC, 2007).

The girl became nervous as she realized that she had to submit to her master's orders and she had been threatened of being killed if she didn't comply. Ultimately, after being threatened and starved, Dalyn knew that she had to accept living as a prostitute, since her only alternative was death. In her case things turned out right. She was saved by the police and the brothel owner arrested. A free woman, Dalyn is now ready to work for the support of prostitution victims. Her trauma is not repairable as the memories from the time she was forced into being a brothel prostitute will haunt her forever, but she was lucky enough to escape a terrible life of selling her body to anyone who could pay and help those who were not so lucky as she was, to break free. The number of teenagers being forced into having sex for money by their pimps is increasing and more and more lives are ruined every day.

The kind of prostitutes that choose to practice prostitution in the streets out of their own free will are among the most privileged of the circle, as they can do as they please, without having to take orders. But most of the people that turn to prostitution have a pecuniary reason. Whether they do it because they lack money, or they want to earn easy money, it cannot be said that there are many prostitutes that are proud of what they do. Drug addicts are more inclined to take the prostitution...


Usually, the girls prefer to be discreet concerning their jobs and they try to show living a normal life as any other member of the community.

Pimps are men that offer to protect and to bring clients to a call-girl in exchange of a share of the earnings. Most pimps are part of human-trafficking and kidnapping networks and they force girls into working for them. Prostitutes turn to pimps and brothel houses in need of protection from muggers and aggressive clients. New technologies such as the internet made modern prostitution to move from the streets and now girls are online for the clients to pick them and view prices.

Prostitutes are omnipresent and most of them are not yet willing to quit their job, or to quit working illegally. The question if prostitution is bad or good remains a dilemma as we analyze the countries where prostitution is banned. Despite its illegality in the respective countries, prostitution is still largely encountered and will endure as long as there will be people ready to trade sex for money and others ready to accept the bargain.

The only good thing for people to do concerning the issue would be to accept it as it is and further seek means of making it legal in the regions with high criminality partly due to prostitution related crimes. For prostitution to become safe, girls should move from the streets into brothels and inspections should be done constantly in order to prevent illegal forced prostitution from happening. Taking into consideration that in a normal and perfect society there would be no place for prostitution, people are still condemning it and search for different means and methods of preventing it from happening. But the best proof that people indeed enjoy the existence of prostitution is the very fact that the demand for prostitutes is constantly increasing and that there will always be people that would pay for sex and people that will be willing to be paid for it.

People that enjoy prostitution and want it legalized can contribute to its chances of staying in the legal area by only going to authorized brothels and choosing to have sex with people that are disposed to sell the services without being pushed into it.

There seems to be no chance of ending prostitution in the near future. On one hand, feminists and their supporters are attempting to promote a free world with women not having to choose that kind of life and on the other side prostitutes and prostitution supporters are working to have it legalized around the globe.

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