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I have also noticed I have a tendency to eat more, as I worried about. Part of that is the oral gratification missing when I do not smoke, but I have also found that food simply tastes better now that I am not smoking, and I find myself eating more, as a result. I am attempting to monitor this so I do not gain weight, as so many people do in the course of their intervention.

Another con is that I have been irritable, suffered from headaches, and have been short with some of the people trying to aid me in my intervention. I know this is common during smoking cessation, but it makes the process more difficult, and makes me feel dreadful as well.

However, the pros of my action stage are quite compelling. I do feel better about myself, and my psyche is improving each day I continue to be successful. I have a new sense of accomplishment
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and achievement, and I feel promise for the future. My health is already beginning to improve, (I breathe better). Another happy result is that I have received far less negative feedback than I originally anticipated. For the most part, friends and family have been incredibly supportive, and I have come to fully appreciate friends and how important they really are when going through a situation such as this.

I believe that I continue to be successful in this stage of intervention, and I look forward to moving into the maintenance stage. I believe if there was anything I might modify in the future, it would be to have begun this process sooner, and to spend more time in preparation stage, in order to anticipate some of the cons I am experiencing, and to create solutions that I could have put into use earlier in the intervention. I believe that including the advice and support of doctors and other experts has helped me tremendously, and I would recommend using these support mechanisms to others looking to quit smoking.

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