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¶ … Janson Medical Clinic

Construct a Pareto diagram for dissatisfaction. What conclusions do you reach?

Creating a Pareto diagram of dissatisfaction shows how poor the overall patient experience is in the Janson Medical Clinic from a care and treatment perspective. As the case indicates that the process for making an appointment is streamlined and easily accomplished, it is not surprising that this aspect of the dissatisfaction metric scores the least. The top three areas that generate the highest levels of patient satisfaction include the ease of getting through on the phone, ease of getting a convenient appointment, and the length of time patients wait to see a physician. The following Pareto analysis illustrates the results.

What is alarming about the performance of the Jansen Medical Clinic from a patient satisfaction perspective is how low seven of the 14 attributes track score. The attributes so critical to delivering an excellent patient experience are ranking at an aggregate score of 3 or less. These include respect shown by nurses and assistants, amount of time to register, confidence in the


Taken together, these factors having such a low score undermine the credibility of the physicians and the clinic itself.

2. Select the top three sources of patient dissatisfaction and propose cause-and-effect diagrams for the possible reasons behind them.

The top three sources of patient dissatisfaction is the respect shown by nurses and assistants (0), amount of time to register (1) and confidence in the physician's ability (1).

The following are the cause and effect diagrams of factors leading to these outcomes:

3. Propose some process improvements to the flowcharts in Figure 13.26 and develop redesigned processes along with new flowcharts. How will your suggestions address the sources of dissatisfaction in Table 13.5?

The process shown in 13.26 can be made more efficient by having an answering service take calls (by a real person not a machine) to replace the steps of having an answering machine putting a patient on hold. Worse, the process as it stands today is very inefficient and open to potential errors of having the calls not returned as well. The following workflow would simplify the entire process significantly:

Call is routed to patient appointment scheduling -- and patient is given options of dates and…

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Visit the quality site http://www.qualitydigest.com/content/magazine.; Find an article pertaining to the major concepts presented in chapters 13 and 14. In your post, discuss how the article relates to the concepts presented in chapters 13 and 14. Cite your article and source.

In the article Six Sigma Lessons from Deming, Part 2 by Dr. Anthony Burns discusses the need for having a more egalitarian approach to how quality management is implemented through organizations. He successfully illustrates how the traditional Black Belt model is antiquated and often slows down companies from being able to bring faster change throughout their organizations. This is illustrates throughout the many examples shown of how the various level of Black Belts fail to bring a greater level of quality ownership. He also successfully contrasts the role of Deming in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma Black Belt hierarchies, showing how the former brings a greater level of task and change ownership.

His focus on quality being everyone's responsibility shows why TQM is so effective as a technique for insuring greater ownership through an organizations struggling to excel. Juxtapositioning this with the role of Back Belts as quality leaders and experts shows how they are complementary to one another. The author successfully shows the tension between these two areas are often critically important from a conflict standpoint to move an organization forward as well. Finally, the article shows how an organization staffed with exceptional Black Belts is not enough; there needs to also be expertise at change management as well. The ability to bring greater adoption of quality management concepts and its value depend on both.

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