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The committee should investigate new curricular models that empower students and which especially promote inclusion. Transforming our public schools is an essential first step toward eliminating many of the social problems extant in Joliet and in the country as a whole.

Second I would help create more small business development opportunities in Joliet. An organization or collection of organizations that can help minorities and the poor receive funding would be a tremendous help for the community and individual residents. Not only would small business development create jobs, it would enrich and uplift Joliet by enhancing prosperity. Instead of attracting outside investors like big box corporate entities who offer nothing more than insecure low income jobs, small business development creates creative, self-sustaining, and empowering opportunities for local growth. I therefore believe that small business development is a key to easing race relations and eliminating social injustice. Small business ownership is empowering and allows minority communities to create wealth and become self-sustaining. Dependency on low wage jobs is an ineffective way to create community wealth and in fact leads to economic depression. I have found that when minority communities create self-sustaining business enclaves, their collective wealth can grow to create increased economic opportunities for future generations. This can help eliminate decades of discrimination in ways that political correctness never can.


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