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Social Psychology

Discuss how social psychologists might view the conflict between police officers and video advocates.

What many (but certainly not all) social psychologists would feel and think is that police officers are being singled out when they happened to get caught on tape doing something they should not be and/or something that is illegal. They would probably feel that police officers are being treated unfairly in that only the bad events and illegal events are being focused on. At the same time, video advocates would potentially appear to have the intentions of only zeroing in on situations and events where the police officer is truly doing something bad and probably would not pay a second thought to when a police officer is actually doing a good thing.

In short, a social psychologist would probably center on the idea that police officers are in a very stressful job and the video advocates are going to pounce and focus on situations and events that bring to light the subjects of police brutality and mistreatment of people for reasons like race and so forth. The problem...


A social psychologist would likely center on how often the bad events are really happening. However, this would be hard because there is not a civilian camera pointed at an officer in many to most situations that they engage in. Thus, measuring percentage and such would be hard to do accurately and neither side (pro-police and pro-video) would trust the results.

What factors account for the stand-off between the two groups?

As indicated by the above, the police are (usually) trying to do their job while the video advocates are looking for situations where police are acting improperly. When it comes to video snippets being taken out of context and the full context not being explained and fettered out before showing a video (not to mention the video itself being cut and spliced a certain way), there could be a manipulation of the truth either way. The Rodney King video, for example, was a clear-cut case of the police truly being out of their mind and acting illegally (ABC News, 2010). As such, it is no surprise that there were riots when the police were acquitted. However, most cases are not nearly…

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