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Railroad Maps

Describe the economic opportunities beckoning newcomers in all regions of the country as a result of industrialization, urbanization, and immigration.

The expansion of the nation's railroads by 1870, helped to fuel a tremendous amount of economic growth westward. as, the nation was rapidly developing regions that were considered to be difficult due to: adverse weather conditions, vast distances and the possibility of violence from Indian attacks. Once the railroad was established in the West, a shift occurred in how the nation was able to deal with these challenges. Where, many of these problems became non-existent and an increasing number of people began to move to these regions of the country. (Billington, 2001, pp. 357 -- 375)

At the same time, the nation had developed a vast network of railroads throughout the entire Eastern half of the nation. This meant that many different natural resources in the West could be extracted and sent to markets back East for the production of a host of different products. At which point, they could be sold to consumers in these areas and exported to major trading partners in Europe. (Billington, 2001, pp. 357 -- 375)

As a business promoter, who is seeking out immigrants from Europe and Asia, this is an opportunity to highlight the tremendous amounts of economic prosperity the nation is experiencing. Once this occurs, it means that you can be able to encourage these people to move to these regions. This is a part of an effort, to improve their standard of living and have greater opportunities for their children in the future.

From the standpoint of the business promoter, this is giving them tremendous leverage over individuals in areas where many immigrants were living inside their home countries. as, they could highlight how there are greater advantages to living and working in the United States in comparison with other nations. At the same…

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