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No man has a right to sexually assault a woman based on her behavior and mode of dressing. Rapists select their victims based on vulnerability and accessibility of the victim. Studies show that rapists do not select victims based on their appearance, and attractiveness of the victim is never an issue to the rapist. Opportunity is the factor that determines when rapist will sexually assault the victim. Even when a woman's behavior may show clearly that she is interested in sex she, does not mean she needs to be raped. No person regardless of age, behavior or dressing deserves such a cruel act.

The myth that women enjoy forced sex is totally untrue. Rape is not and enjoyable activity nor is the act relaxing. During normal sex, women love to be in control but in rape, victim is never in control. All women like to be shown some love and respect. Rape makes woman humiliated and degraded...


The contradicting part is that women are the ones who circumcise the young female children, removing part of their external genitalia. This act subjects them to health consequences. Some of the immediate effects include shock, pain, retention of urine, damage of tissues near the genital area and ulceration in the genital area. Complications such as obstruction during labor and infertility may arise.

Rape destroys the dignity of the victim and lowers their self-esteem. All rapists should be arrested and put to justice. Female genital mutilation should be discouraged all over the world as it results to serious consequences on…

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