Real World Problem: Persuasive Vs. Scientific Methods Essay


Real World Problem: Persuasive vs. Scientific Methods

Many of us are faced with problems daily, and our means of resolving these conflicts vary substantially. Some of us deal with problems practically, and others make lists. Some cannot even deal with problems. However, this paper will analyze the persuasive vs. The scientific methods of resolving a conflict, namely, how one can solve a problem with one's boss in the workplace in two ways.

First, one must define a problem. For example, a very simple problem could be arriving late for work. In this case, the boss would certainly be upset, for he is paying for that time, and this would pose a problem. The boss may choose to deal with this problem directly, in which case a persuasive method...


However, these two scenarios can use the methods interchangeably.
The persuasive method focuses on utilizing a certain demeanor and certain words to solve a problem. For example, peer persuasion is a very effective way to obtain what one wants. In the case of the late employee vs. The boss, peer persuasion may not be the way to go; however, this does not mean that this is ineffective.

For example, peer persuasion can work on various levels and is seen truly everywhere: in class, at work, at home, on Facebook, or Twitter, and even other social networking sites.…

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However, this can vary, especially if one must solve the problem quickly, as above. In such an instance, one would need to think quickly about what kind of structure he or she could employ, and especially think about how to effectively think about and solve this problem efficiently.

The two methods presented above vary, of course, in efficiency as well. The scientific method is most often most suitable for larger problems, like solving climate change (or rather curbing it). However, in the right instance, both could be very useful and an individual, whether at work, in school, or in any other instance should be aware of both methods.

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