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Reality TV

Disclosure and familiarity between the audience and program in reality TV

With the prevalence of reality television programming, mass media has become more intrusive and real to the audience: what with the inclusion of so-called 'ordinary people,' audiences have become more acquainted with the rudiments of TV program creation and dynamics. Indeed, the most appealing quality of reality TV programs is that audiences are able to realize the possibility that they can also be included in what seemed to be the most accessible, yet non-reactive and -- interactive communication medium -- the television.

In this paper, focus is given on the appeal of reality TV because it bridges the gap between the sender and receiver -- that is, it brings together into an interactive relationship the program (its actors, staff, and other elements, including the TV as mass medium) and audiences (the receiver of messages and information from TV). Because of the possibility of an interactive communication between the...


In the author's study, supposed 'inconsistencies' in the story line of specific reality TV programs shown on MTV were considered irrelevant to audiences interviewed. Instead, what they (audiences) stressed was the 'realness' or level of reality present in the program, a reflection of the aspiration of audiences to become closer or know in-depth the details and true stories behind the show or program.

Moreover, what brings audiences together to watch and patronize reality TV programs, according to Gardyn (2001), was the…

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