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At the same time, this is also the best criticism method because it puts into light Obama's rhetorical style and this is important, especially for audiences to understand how this is developed and how it works towards reaching its goals. With the Neo-Aristotelian Method of Criticism, one best understands it.

The feminist criticism is not an adequate method of criticism first and foremost because the main objective of this speech is not directed towards the feminist movement. The aim of this speech is not to get close to the female voters, but to rally the entire population of Virginia by showing how important this state is in electing Obama. The message is thus for the entire population, not only for the females and the feminists in the audience.

There are, however, some elements that may argue in favor of the feminist criticism, one of them being the fact that the topic of the speech revolves around women, namely the one that brings him to Greenwood and the one that has the slogan that becomes a rally cry for his final campaign in Virginia. This is not enough, though, to support the argument that this is the best method for criticism that can be used in this case.

Another argument that can be used may be that Obama is underlining the equal influence that male and female voters have had during his campaign, notably the fact that it was both categories that had a role at different part of his campaign, like the female voter from Greenwood.

The problem with all these arguments is that Obama's speech does not revolve around the issue of gender, both in terms of the core subject of his speech and of the final objectives of the speech. The speech is about rallying people in Virginia before the final vote, not about rallying female voteres. At the same time, the speech is about an experience aimed to show a political candidate willing to go even to Greenwood in order to be in touch with his voters and the commitments he is thus willing to make.

The Neo-Aristotelian Method of Criticism is thus much better adapted to bring out all the different necessary elements of Obama's rhetorical construction and to show to the reader or listener how Obama is able to use the different elements at hand in order to make an impact on the audience and to reach his political objectives. For this, the Neo-Aristotelian Method of Criticism is…

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