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Is Such Testing Ethical?

Nowadays, animal testing is used in various fields such as the manufacturing of cosmetic products. Rabbits are commonly used in such tests. Sadly, the rabbits undergo torture and their survival it always at stake. I believe that such testing should end because it is unethical to treat animals are research objects or experimentation tools (Bilchitz, 2010). From this perspective, animals must be given equal rights to human beings to live a full life, free of suffering and pain. However, opponents of this point of view contend that though it is unethical to abuse these rabbits unnecessarily for the production of cosmetics, the testing must continue due to the enormous scientific resource that the rabbits offer. The advocates of this theory further assert that some advancement in the laboratories should strive to improve the rabbits’ living conditions.

Arguments Why Animal Testing is Ethical or Unethical

The center of the debate regarding animal rights centers on the issue of the ethical position of animals. I feel that using animal testing for cosmetic products is unethical because animals have some moral status as humans (Bilchitz, 2010). For this reason, it is wrong to abuse or hurt rabbits or any other animals. My argument reflects a shift from a previous perspective where animals had no moral status in the society. The main issue relates to whether animals have any moral status and rights associated with their existence. In my view, animals do have the same moral status as human beings and are entitled to humane treatment. By advocating for this ethicist position, I do not imply that the rabbits or other animals must be treated exactly like a human being; it would be absurd for an animal to hold an office or even vote. My argument is that animals or the rabbits deserve a similar degree of humane treatment as human beings (Watson, 2009). In other words, it is wrong to kill them, force them to do something or treat them as a means of furthering a goal. My argument derives from the claim that a moral status emanates from the capacity to enjoy life or suffer. Hence, many animals including rabbits do not differ from human beings. They can experience pleasure and feel pain. Therefore, they are entitled to the same moral status and equal treatment.

My reasoning for opposing animal testing relates to the…

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