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Media & Society

The author of this report has been asked to offer a brief summary and review of several topics pertaining to media, modern technology and the overall paradigm that has been formed by the combination of the two. The author of this report will touch in several topics. These topics will include the historical and contemporary roles of media in society, how the chemical and electronic technology of photography, recording and transmission has advanced from its initial discover to the present, how the mass media makes use of these technological innovations, how the development of this digital technology has affected the content, distribution and style of electronic media and how the role of mass media has changed with these overall developments. The author will make use of at least two peer-reviewed sources along the way. While there is much more to life than the media and technology, these is absolutely no question that both absolutely envelop the lives of most Americans every day.


When media first came into its own, there were very few channels....


This was also the main source of people's news beyond the newspapers that were also prolifically used and consumed at the time. After that came cable television and thus the amount of channels and media streams went up. Not long thereafter, there came the cable news networks in the form of CNN and then eventually Fox News, MSNBC and others. This created the so call "24-hour news cycle." Since then, social media and "new media" outlets have sprung up and now there are basically limitless different sources of media that can be found on the internet, on cable/satellite television or both. Indeed, we are even coming to a day where cable television actually seems to becoming a bit obsolete, although it is happening slowly (Jung & Walden, 2015).

As noted before, television used to be over the air, much like radio at the time. However, as the wiring infrastructure and transmission technology became developed, there was a switched to line-based media. However, now there is a decided shift back to wireless methods such as satellite, Wi-Fi and cellular. However, these wireless methods are much more advanced and capable than the over the air transmissions of yesteryear. Similarly, photography has shifted from being a film-based media where pictures have to be taken and then developed to one where the entire process is electronic and need not involve prints or paper unless a hard copy is really needed or desired. Quite often, the entire process is entirely digital and stays that way (Vaast,…

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