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At which point, everyone can begin to engage in actions that would contribute to improving productivity, while enriching the overall levels of happiness among the staff. (Hellriegel, 2011, pp. 524 -- 527)

Discuss the resistance, both organization and individual that the ROWE program had to overcome.

Inside the organization many managers were resistant to the changes being proposed by the ROWE program. As they felt that this would undermine the ability of the team and the people they are supervising, to achieve their objectives. This is problematic, because managers would have to do advance planning for the various goals of the team. Where, they could no longer give employees last minute deadlines, due to the unique scheduling situation. For the individual, this meant that they would have to change the way they are interacting with people. In case of many executives and supervisors, this would mean that they would have to stop treating the staff like children. Instead, they would focus, on giving everyone objectives and then monitoring how effective they are at achieving their goals. (Hellriegel, 2011, pp. 524 -- 527)

Discuss the sources of stress that are apparent in the case.

The largest sources of stress were: the inflexibility of the old work schedule and the increased amounts of pressure that were placed on the staff. These two factors are important, because they would allow Best Buy to be able to achieve its organizational objectives over the short-term. However, over the long-term is when the company would face more severe challenges. As the inflexible schedule would cost employees time with their friends and family....
...Over the course of time, this would force employees to make a choice between working for the company and spending more time with their families. At which point, talented employees would often leave the company, because of these frustrations. Evidence of this can be seen by looking at the total amounts of employee turnover, with it being down 75% to 90%. As the total amount of employee issues and frustrations would decline dramatically. At the same time, the total amount of productivity was up 35%, since the program was introduced. This is significant, because it shows how Best Buy was able to address the sources of stress. As this would increase productivity and it would reduce the amount of employee turnover that was taking place. (Mathis, 2008, pg. 172)

Discuss whether or not the organizational culture has helped with the change.

The organizational culture has changed because of the implementation of the ROWE program. As this was able to create a shift, in the way the organization would view how it would address the issue of maintaining high amounts of productivity. At the same time, it would push executives to find a way of keeping some kind of balance in social lives of the staff. This is important, because it would allow Best Buy to be able to reduce the loss of key employees. Due to the fact, that the company was pushing them so hard. Where, they would have no choice, but to decide between their happiness and achieving the objectives of the organization. This is problematic, because it would underscore the sense of in difference that Best Buy would have for their employees. As globalization and the desire to increase their overall bottom line, would make many people feel as if they were nothing more than a number. Over the course of time, this would lead to high turnover, as employees were unsatisfied with their work and felt burnt out. To improve productivity and prevent the loss of key employees, the company would use the ROWE plan. Where, they would encourage employees to spend more time with their friends and family, while maintaining their objectives for the organization. As a result, this would help to change the organization for the better, with everyone keeping a balance between happiness and being as productive as possible.


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