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Introduction: As the holiday season approaches, it is imperative that standards related to social distancing and PPE are adhered to. This is particularly true as Americans enter a critical holiday season where family gathers are scheduled to occur over the next few months. Due to this occurrence, a community outreach program is needed to help mitigate the impacts of the virus on local communities. Through a concerted door to door campaign, we aim to help lower the threat of the virus, educated the community, and ultimately save lives. The campaign will first consist of door to door outreach, talking specifically about how to minimize the impacts of the virus during the holiday season. Here, we will look to share information with households will also provide resources for individuals to utilized during their own time. In conjunction with the door to door campaign we also are looking to use small radio advertising and social media campaigns to help educated the general public.

COVID-19 Resources: The resources that will be used throughout the campaign will be predominantly from the Center of Disease Control. The resources used during our door to door operation will depend heavily on the demographics of the area. For example, if the community is populated by young adults who have one or more children, we will utilize an emotional appear to the parents. Here, we leverage information related to COVID-19 statistics relevant to children and the possible spread to other older adults. Chart 1 and Chart 2 within the appendix provides a sample of the materials we will use during the door to door…susceptible to the virus. Research shows that older individuals tend to leverage the radio as their preferred means of news communication (Sterling, 1991). Our radio campaign with thus look to direct these individuals to resources they can utilize the slow the spread of the virus within their communities. The social media campaign will look to target influencers will a large audience to deliver clear messages related to social distancing and contact tracing. Here, we will use 2 prominent figures on each of the leading social media franchises, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter. Through these channels we hope to appear to a wide array of individuals to help inform them of the resources available to them. We also aim for them to leverage there large following to help take decisive action such as wearing masks…

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