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Guns and Such

Are there any sources that add a different perspective to the blog below?

One source that could add a different perspective to the blog is Scalia (1989) who describes the rule of law as a law of rules. This provides a helpful lens that can be added to the lenses described by the author already. What Scalia (1989) identifies as fairness in justice is that which the author in the blog sees as customers rights compared to the rights of the business. The laws of the land may allow customers to conceal carry, but the business also has the right to set its own policyand the big issue in the article is how it should set policy so as to consider its customers.

That is where Scalias (1989) article can be seen as helpful: Scalia states that the rule of law should be balanced by a consideration of factors on both sides, as well as by personal discretion. In other words, the individual view has some importance in these matters and should not be discounted. The law is not something that should be hard like a hammer but rather something that should be flexible and helpful because it is there to guide and support societynot to hit it over the head or harm it (Scalia, 1989).

Another helpful source is that of Lindgren (2014), who notes that it is…and who does notbut how does this impact the business owners duty or understanding that duty in moral terms? Moreover, the stats have no real bearing on the pros and consas they should be self-evident, and all one needs to consider is how a policy based on them will have consequences. The way to view these consequences is to consider them from the point of view of law of rules, like that supplied by Scalia (1989), because that affords the fairest way to consider, in all flexibility, the various facets of a case. In so doing, one can be most assured of making a decision that is best guaranteed to be the right one.


Scalia, A. (1989).…

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Scalia, A. (1989). The rule of law as a law of rules. U. Chi. l. reV., 56, 1175.

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