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1984 saw the release of dolls modeled after Michael Jackson as well as the shooting of a Pepsi-Cola commercial along with the other members of the Jackson 5 at the Shrine Auditorium. He unfortunately suffered second degree burns to his scalp when his hair was accidently set on fire using pyrotechnics during a simulated concert. He underwent plastic surgery to hide the scars on his scalp and had his third rhinoplasty with the first being after breaking his nose while performing a complex dance routine in 1979 and therefore he required another one to repair the botched one that had made it difficult for him to breathe and in turn affected his career. He never completely recovered from his injury and Pepsi received an out of court settlement from the company worth 1.5 million dollars which he donated the Brotman Medical Center that set up a "Michael Jackson Burn Center" to honor his donation (Silverman 37).

His final tour with the Jacksons in support of the album Victory was in 1984. "State of Shock" which was recorded with Mick Jagger was the one major hit from the recording. The tour showcased more of his solo material and the funds raised from the tour were donated to charity, approximately $8 million. His next single was co-written with Lionel Ritchie and was for charity. "We are the World" was released worldwide and was used to raise awareness and aid the poor people living in America and Africa. 30 million copies of it were sold worldwide and the funds donated to famine relief. It was one of the best-selling singles of all times. Jackson sang alongside Lionel Ritchie, Willie Nelson, Tina Turner and nearly every pop star known at the time. 1987 saw the release of his first album in five years, titled Bad. Though not as commercially or artistically successful as Thriller, Bad was still substantially successfully in its own right. It had seven hit singles in America with five topping the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The chat topping singles included "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," "Bad," and "Dirty Diana"
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among others. The album has sold approximately over 30 million copies worldwide. The Bad World Tour began 12 September, 1987 and ended 14 January, 1989. He broke the Guinness World Record when 504,000 people attended seven sold out shows at Wembley Stadium and performed 123 concerts to a 4.4 million audience (Campbell, 207).

In 1991, he renewed his contract with Sony for $100 million which was a record breaking deal at the time. His eighth album Dangerous was released in 1991 and sold approximately 32 million copies worldwide and 7 million domestically to date. The album's first single, "Black or White" was a big hit and stayed on the number one spot in charts locally and internationally for seven weeks. Album's second single; "Remember the Time" peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts and was performed at the Soul Train Awards while he sat on a chair as he said that he had suffered injury during rehearsals. "Heal the World" was the biggest hit from the album in the UK and the rest of Europe, selling about 450,000 copies in the UK alone, spending five weeks at number two in 1992. The Heal the World Foundation was founded in 1992 by Jackson himself. It was aimed at bringing underprivileged children to the Neverland ranch so as to enjoy the theme park rides that Jackson had built on the property ("A look at the Career and Life of Michael Jackson." ).

In 1995, he released his double album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1. HIStory begins was an album of a compilation of his 15 greatest hits and was re-issued in 2001 as Greatest Hits -- HIStory Vol.1. The second disc, HIStory Continues contained 15 new songs and debuted at number 1 on the charts with a total of 7 million shipments in the U.S. This album was the greatest selling multi-disc album of all time selling 20 million copies worldwide. The album had chart topping songs like "Scream," a duet with his youngest sister Janet Jackson, "You are not Alone" which debuted at number one, "They Don't Care About Us" and "Earth Song." The HIStory World Tour promoted

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