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School Choice

Throughout the nation the American public has clamored for school change and reform. One of the alternatives that has moved to the forefront of the arena is the ability of parents to choose the public school that their children will attend without geographic boundaries and mandates.

Experts continue to debate whether or not school choice ability will force the hand of the public school system to make the desired changes. Some believe that parents having the ability to move their children to the school of their choice will force all schools to improve to compete, while others think it will harm the economically disadvantaged schools with little benefit to the then overcrowded wealthy schools. This paper presents a research proposal that addresses the question of school choice. This might include the choice to choose a different public school, choose to home school, and choose private school or another choice.

The paper uses literature reviews, a study proposal and a general discussion to provide a basis for the belief that such a study is timely and useful. The paper answers several questions including what the impact might be, who would make the choice and how would ability to choose change the allocation of funds structure currently in place. There were five sources used to complete this paper.


In most districts across the nation school choice is limited to private or public. Most districts have geographic boundaries and limitations that prevent parents from sending their children to the school of their choice and they were instead relegated to schools within their areas and their districts. Recently there has been a public outcry for public school reform and some are pushing for private school vouchers. There is however, a growing body of Americans who think the answer lies in the public school system but there needs to
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be a competitive air about the system for the system to work. School choice in the public school system would allow parents to place their children in the school of their choice. In addition to such a choice the ability to choose can include home school or public school, or charter school as well. Whether the choice was made for location, convenience, academics or other reasons the ability to choose is fast becoming a new idea among parents and administrators alike. School choice is believed by its advocates to provide a competitive atmosphere among the public schools. Instead of taking money from the schools and paying for private school vouchers, proponents of public school choice believe allowing choices within the already funded system will allow competition which will drive standards up thereby improve the entire school system. This paper proposes a study to determine whether or not implementing a school choice ability will have a positive impact on the system. The study will also attempt to answer questions about funding and staffing such a system.


Those who promote the maintenance of public schools are reflecting on the sad state of many public schools, especially in the inner city arena. They have to ask themselves what is good about making children stay in substandard schools according to experts and it is a question that is not easily answered (Liberal, 2003).

For the first time this century, U.S. public schools are looking over their shoulders, as new competitors gear up to offer choices that families have never had before (Chaddock, 1999).

For traditional public schools, the message is: Improve or watch the system dissolve into a thousand points of schooling - religious schools, private secular schools, publicly supported charter schools, home schools, or virtual schools on a screen.

Home school students and their families are growing in record numbers as are charter schools. Studies have been done about the…

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